Netflix Instant Streaming Wii Disc Now Shipping

If my inbox is any indication, it looks like a large number of folks will be receiving Netflix instant streaming discs for their Wiis in the next day or three. Running SD-only content off of disc isn’t quite as exciting as the Netflix Xbox Live app or even Roku. But it’s a nice freebie for Wii-owning Netflix subscribers (and their kids). Given I no longer own a Wii (due to the aforementioned SD problem and not enough compelling content), I won’t be able to provide a hands on in the near future. However, if there’s a shortage of streaming discs, I might be able to help someone out…

11 thoughts on “Netflix Instant Streaming Wii Disc Now Shipping”

  1. I got the “For Friday” mail too. I’ll hopefully have time Friday afternoon/Sat morning to play with it. Will send reports your way if I have the time and no one else beats me to it :)

  2. Yep, got this disc when I got home today. I don’t have an Xbox360 or PS3 to compare against, but the Wii implementation of Watch Instantly is a lot more compelling than the current TiVo experience.

    You can browse (but not search) genres. It shows how far into a program you’ve watched on the info screens. The interface feels speedy and intuitive. And the video quality ain’t half-bad, compared to the same content viewed on the TiVo. My setup, for reference: The Tivo has a HDMI connection to a 40″ Samsung, while the Wii only gets a composite input to the same set.

    Quick bottom line after a few hours of playing: I’ll take Netflix WI on the Wii over Netflix WI on the TiVo. I don’t have to worry about crashing the Tivo while it’s recording something and the interface is better enough to make getting the disc out and switching tv inputs, etc. worth the effort.

  3. Where are your photos and video for me to blog?? ;) I prefer Netflix on my Roku or Xbox. TiVo buffers a lot and something about the UI is visually painful. I assume the new Premiere platform will allow them to do better. Some day…

  4. I use Blockbuster Total Access but this makes me want to switch to Netflix. Eventually I will when I get an LCD TV with internet access that can stream movies so I don’t have to keep renting discs. I wish Netflix would stream the most current movies though instead of just older ones.

  5. Any chance you would be willing to sell your disc? I am inpatient and do not want to wait until my disc is mailed to me (I was not in the first wave of mailings).

  6. Got the disc today, already have Wii, have loaded disc. But the requirement of an internet connection has me stymied. I have a Sony Wega, about 5 yrs old and have wireless internet in the house. What’s my next step? A million thanks.

  7. Why the helldo we have to wait for the disk? I guess if youe Wii is modded you can download a disk but if its not you are out of luck. So here I sit, wanted to watch movies so I signed up for Netflix and now I have to wait for a disk to get shipped to me? WTF!

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