External Storage Headed to FiOS TV DVRs

There’s a ton of soulless marketing department Twitter accounts out there, so it’s refreshing to see some real dialog from project management. As Joe Ambeault offers under the Verizon @FiOSTV banner. And a few days back he essentially confirmed they intend to “certify” several off-the-shelf eSATA drives, such as the 1TB Western Digital solution, to expand DVR recording capacity. Maybe not as timely as customers would have liked, but now you know it’s in the works. A sampling of related tweets:

8 thoughts on “External Storage Headed to FiOS TV DVRs”

  1. I didn’t get in on the Macheist. Got distracted. Is it still on? I’ve been running the ad-supported Tweetie version since it was released. Well, I don’t run it full time. Only for pretty screengrabs and searches. Or searches for screengrabs.

  2. @DaveZatz – Only the 7xxx series Moto boxes have eSATA. The 6xxx series do not. I would assume any “next gen” boxes (rumored Cisco) would also have eSATA.

  3. This is a step in the right direction. I’ll try and resist commenting on how this is 3 years too late. Lack of storage space is one significant reason why I’m using a TivoHD with FIOS instead of the FIOS box. I’m glad they are finally realizing that this is something their customer’s want.

  4. I’m excited for the Ceton cable card tuner to come out so we can seriously consider dumping the FiOS DVR and going with Windows Media Center.

    The eSATA storage would be nice, though, and I’d possibly–POSSIBLY–consider keeping the Verizon cable boxes if it works. Though it looks like we’d need to replace our 6xxx series DVR to get that eSATA port.

  5. I’ll believe this when I see it. They’ve been “working” on this, since FiOS hit the market. They need to roll this out ASAP, because it’s just embarrassing to be making a big deal of it now.

    They should have offered this feature from jump street or teamed up with Tivo like DirecTV did a few years back…

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