Verizon Preps Widescreen FiOS TV UI?


Over at the Verizon at Home blog, I stumbled upon what may be the future of the FiOS TV UI. And it’s (finally) widescreen! Ben Drawbaugh will be pleased. A variety of under-the-hood modifications and development strategies have resulted in a more modular Interactive Media Platform (IMG) for Verizon – who should be able to turn around these platform updates much quicker:

What used to take months is now reduced to several weeks. During 2010 you will see more and more examples of the benefits from this new technology that we have baked into the platform during 2009.

So, in addition to a new 16:9 interface, I’m also optimistic Verizon will tackle the storage situation this year. Stay tuned.

FiOS old VOD UI versus FiOS new VOD UI
Old VOD UI versus Upcoming VOD UI?

3 thoughts on “Verizon Preps Widescreen FiOS TV UI?”

  1. If I didn’t live out in the middle of farmland I would seroiusly consider switching to FiOS. In the limited research I’ve done, I’ve read the interwebs isn’t as good as cable. Played around with it at the in-laws and really dig the TV interface.

  2. Just got the new UI rolled out on me this AM and I have to say… not really pleased with the look. So much brighter than their last menu system that it almost hurts to use. Gradients are way too harsh so much so that I now feel like I am squinting half the time that it feels like I just switched to another provider. If I was new to FiOs it would probably be fine, but by springing such a drastic change on long time users will likely cause some waves in the UX department. They should have gone way more subtle with the UI though I am liking what I have discovered under the hood thus far.

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