The Top (Pantsless) Ads of Super Bowl 44

Fortunately, I don’t need to come up with the perfect ‘Ads of Super Bowl 44’ lede as NewTeeVee pretty much nailed it: Beer solves lots of problems, women hold men back from their dreams and this year, pants are optional. But I can’t say there are any commercials we’ll remember beyond this week. My personal fave was the Kia ad (above) – fun, engaging, not crass, and it made me think about their product. (What does Go Daddy do again?) Speaking of crass, the most entertaining pantsless commercial didn’t even make it on the air. And I’m bummed Denny’s Nannerpus nemesis has been replaced by chickens.

In what’s become an annual tradition, TiVo determined the top ads of Super Bowl 44 “using aggregated, anonymous, second-by-second audience measurement data about how 30,000 TiVo subscribers watched the game, and for the first time, determined not just the most viewed commercials, but instead the most engaging ads throughout the game.”

1. Doritos  – “House Rules”
2. Snickers – “You’re Not You When You’re Hungry”
3. Focus on the Family – “The Tebows Celebrate Life”
4. Doritos – “Underdog”
5. 2010 Intel Core Processors – “Jeoffrey the Robot Gets Hurt”
6. E*Trade Financial – “Baby Love Triangle”
7. Bud Light – “Observatory”
8. CareerBuilder – “Casual Fridays”
9. TruTV’s NFL Full Contact – “ Punxsutawney Polamalu”
10. Hyundai Sonata – “Brett Favre MVP, Still Playing at 50”

If you missed any of the commercials, or just want to catch them again, hit Hulu, CBS, or YouTube. What were your favorites?

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5 thoughts on “The Top (Pantsless) Ads of Super Bowl 44”

  1. I also want to highlight the Emerald commercial of human dolphins – it was so over-the-top ridiculous, and with good production quality, that I find myself watching it repeatedly. The Hyundai ad also deserves credit – on topic (for both cars and the football) and Farve was cool enough to poke fun at himself. The Google ad was sweet, but don’t we all already use Google search? And what’s up with Motorola, Megan Fox, and the implied teen masturbation? We expect that from a Bud Light or Go Daddy, but it’s a pretty weak way to pitch a phone. Maybe I’m just an old fuddy duddy. ;)

  2. I saw the VW Punch Dub commercial. But I wonder if certain regions didn’t see certain commercials? For example, I saw folks talking about the Carmax ads on Twitter but didn’t actually see it on my television at that time. Hm.

  3. This year’s commercials were about as sophmoric as you can get.

    Who the hell is writing-producing-APPROVING these LOSERS.

    Please give the audience some credit for intelligence AND STOP FOR CRYING OUT LOUD TRYING TO APPEAL TO THE IMMATURE-IDIOTS OF SOCIETY!!!!!!!!

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