Unboxing the Nao Symphony

You may have caught Cignias’ Nao Symphony Wireless Music Station CES press release, announcing broad device availability and the requisite iPhone app. But I caught the actual unit. The Nao Symphony Wireless Music Station ($299) provides a slightly different take on the pedestrian iPhone speaker dock. In fact, it’s far more sophisticated.

So while you could just drop your iPod in the Nao Symphony and control music playback via the bundled remote, you probably won’t want to. Nao’s real power comes from it’s WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity. Fully control a docked iPod wirelessly via iPhone or Blackberry app. Better yet, stream music directly to the Symphony from any A2DP Bluetooth phone or over WiFi from a Blackberry or iPhone.

I’m looking forward to putting the 4 speaker, 50 watt loaner system through its paces. And, despite the current lack of cloud-based music services (think Sonos S5), Cignias promises frequent (wireless) device updates.

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3 thoughts on “Unboxing the Nao Symphony”

  1. I took the unboxing as far as I could go without assistance. The device ships with its own ad hoc wireless network, but of course I wanted to load it up onto my existing LAN. Unfortunately, it wasn’t immediately apparent how to connect to a hidden SSID via the iPhone app. (Not that it provides any protection from the bad guys.)

    I also forgot to mention above that the unit is bundled with a little plastic insert to over the iPod connector should you solely be streaming music to the Nao, as I intend to.

  2. It doesn’t stream music via WiFi from an iPhone, just Blackberry. You can only control another iPhone/iPod via WiFi. Bluetooth streaming works, though. Check their website….

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