The HDTV Supermodel Slimdown

CES’s annual ‘whose is bigger‘ HDTV competition appears to have given way to a new ‘supermodel slimdown.’ Which is OK. As most of us will never purchase a 150″ television, but we’re likely to consider a more attractive living room or bedroom centerpiece when the time comes to upgrade. In addition to the slender sets, some manufacturers are also pitching how close they can take the display/image to the edge. Sexy, sexy. However, it’s probably safe to assume poor audio will emanate from tiny speakers. Not that most with high-end HDTVs are rely on integrated speakers.

I believe the LG set above represents a model that will be shipping, while the super-slim 6.9mm HDTV below is probably a proof-of-concept as it was cordoned off. To get that particular set so slim, the television guts have been moved into the base. Which may or may not be an issue for wall mounters – it wasn’t clear if it could be detached and connected via cable.

2 thoughts on “The HDTV Supermodel Slimdown”

  1. I agree, 150″ TV, not likely, but great to finally some competition to Sammy on slim sets, which I find very appealing. Even more appealing is the minimal bezel on the sets shown by LG. Nothing but picture, baby!

    And as a side note, great coverage of CES Dave!

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