End of an Era: Shanan Leaves TiVo (Soon)

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We don’t typically cover personnel moves, but we’re making an exception this week as I’m personally bummed that TiVo Inc. is letting Shanan get away. Most know her as the long-time “voice of TiVo” … but she’s served a far more important internal role as consumer advocate. As TiVo seems to focus more on corporate partnerships and patent lawsuits, while their direct subscriber count dwindles, I was disappointed to learn of her upcoming departure and wonder if TiVo can (or will) find a similar champion for we, the people. (I was a TiVo customer long before I was a TiVo blogger.) Specific to Shanan, our friendship transcended TiVo Inc. years ago. She knows I’ve got her back and wish her great success with the next thing(s).

6 thoughts on “End of an Era: Shanan Leaves TiVo (Soon)”

  1. I define “success” as fulfillment/happiness. And I’m now triply bummed TiVo Inc didn’t bring Shanan to CES this year for our annual Vegas playtime, given my less frequent trips to the Bay Area these days. Lastly, Shanan inadvertently taught me something amazing this week – time flies on the elliptical trainer while talking on the phone. Need to add more of that to my workout regimen. (I’m down 4.5lbs for the month. Time to celebrate at the Taco Bell.)

  2. That’s a bummer, but I understand that nothing lasts forever. She was a great and energetic spokesperson for TiVo. Hopefully she’s moving on to something even more exciting.

  3. Very true… Leaving out acquisitions, I’ve had four or five employers in the time she’s worked for TiVo. A great run, especially in that region where many jump around fairly regularly, and I know she’ll always love the TiVo brand.

  4. Awww, thanks, Dave + Zatz Not Funny readers–especially for the special exception! ;-) As I told Dave, I’ve been so lucky to have such an amazing and great run at TiVo, celebrating what happens to be just one of my passions in a job.

    To be clear, I’m going NOWHERE in particular (would never feel right to “leave” TiVo for another company!). I’m just taking this new year — or a new decade, as the case may be! — to explore some of my other personal passions and see where those take me. I will always adore the TiVo brand and most certainly its customers I call family! Plus, having shared so much time and space with that cute lil’ guy and his unflappable smile, he will be forever dear to me.

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