5 Things Missing from CES 2010

Griffin CESbound
The Griffin Technology folks as pictured on the CES blog

Not making the trek out to Vegas this year for CES? You’re not alone. Here’s a list of five things missing from CES 2010.

Cablecos and Telcos
Despite the fact that we now live in a connected world, many of the providers that make our gadget connections possible are, by and large, missing from the CES show floor. Two years ago Comcast made a big splash with the launch of tru2way, and AT&T once had a booth in Central Hall to promote its U-verse service. This year the big guys won’t be around much at all. The one exception is Clearwire. With a booth in the South Hall, and Clear WiMAX service blanketing Las Vegas (WiMAX rentals available for $12.50/day), Clearwire will be representin’ for its broadband brethren this year.

Remember GiiNii? I got pretty excited about the company last year when it was sporting Wi-Fi photo frames and prototype Android tablet devices. Sadly, I heard back in October that GiiNii has suspended development on both its PixPlus frames and the prototype Movit Mini and Movit Max – despite the fact that both product lines are still listed on the company site. There’s no evidence that GiiNii will be at CES this year either.

Long Cab Lines
The best thing about an economic recession? Short cab lines at CES. The long lines were missing last year, and I expect more of the same in 2010. It’s quite a relief after waiting for more than an hour for transportation in previous years.

Apple (officially)

ilounge logo CES 2010Macworld may no longer have the star power to rival CES, but that doesn’t mean Apple has given in and joined the CEA’s annual gadget fest. In a change this year, however, Apple will have more of an unofficial presence at the show. A new iLounge Pavilion in the North Hall will feature iPod and iPhone accessories, upping the CES Apple quotient for the year. Exhibitors include makers of cases, speakers, apps, and more.

Dave gave a massive shout-out to Cntrstg last year for the venue it provided tech bloggers at CES. The organizers offered us a fabulous work space, complete with food and Wi-Fi, and brought vendors in to share their wares. Sadly, there will be no Cntrstg lounge in 2010 due to sponsors pulling out at the last minute. There are some dinners and meet-ups planned, however, so we’ll hope for the best this year, and a return to form in 2011.

3 thoughts on “5 Things Missing from CES 2010”

  1. No DirecTV booth on the show floor either and, possibly related, I’m not expecting any official TiVo box announcements or TiVoShanan in Vegas. Boo. The Sands convention center attached to The Venetian which once featured a variety of up and coming vendors in smaller booths has been replaced by what looks like a smaller high-end audio area. The CEA says there’s more vendors this year, but they collectively appear to be using less space. I wish CES Unveiled was the night before the show floor opens, not two nights before. Which is why I’ll be skipping it this year during my shortest CES visit yet.

    OTHERWISE, I’m very anxious to get going – see the new gear and my industry pals. It’s always a blast. Even if I come home sick as a dog from sleep deprivation and excessive hand shaking.

  2. Hey Dave, please make a point to check out what CLEAR is showing at CES. I have some Android developers that are itching to get their hands on a WiMAX-enabled Android device. Rumor has it that Sprint may be showing off some new LG/Microsoft/WiMAX device. At any rate, any WiMAX enabled would be great. (and the Samsung Mondi doesn’t count.)


  3. Mari and I should have a shared Google Calendar of our CES plans. But we’re not quite that organized. ;) She has a spreadsheet and I have a locked up GCal. BUT I do think she’s hitting the CLEAR stuff. And something is definitely up with Sprint and LG – I was invited to a big bash one evening this week. Of course we’re a small team of 2 staying fewer days than normal, whereas Eng and Giz will each have like 20 people on hand. So we’ll be late with most ‘news’. But we’re hoping to dig up a few hidden gems as we do each year.

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