Meta Blogging: CntrStg @ CES

Unlike prior (and concurrent) socially-focused CES blogging events, CntrStg deserves a huge shout out for emphasizing tech blogger productivity. As not all bloggers are provided a double-wide trailer in the convention center promenade. Not only did the CntrStg team provide an exceptional workspace (in the Wynn) with an endless supply of food, drink, and high speed Internet, they also brought vendors directly to us (HP, Microsoft, HTC, Eye-Fi, Sling Media, etc) for briefings. As if that wasn’t enough, we probably had the most efficient transportation option in Vegas with a private shuttle at our beck and call. Take that, “mainstream” press! So, many thanks to the CntrStg organizers and sponsors for a job very well done. See you next year?

7 thoughts on “Meta Blogging: CntrStg @ CES”

  1. In case it’s not obvious, that’s Mari and I in the pic above. (We also blogged from those chaise lounges overlooking the golf course.) Also, a double bonus… Due to a promotional code I received via email and then shared via Twitter, a ton of bloggers ended up staying in the Wynn – including many CntrStg bloggers and Team Gizmodo. Hopefully, we’ll be able to co-locate again next year as it really enhanced my trip. And speaking of Twitter, it totally replaced SMS and even many voice calls as a highly efficient means of connecting on site.

  2. I thought that was you and Mari! Looks like it was a great time. I still haven’t gotten into the whole Twitter revolution. Not sure if I will or not. We’ll see because it really appears to be taking off.

  3. Thanks for the mad props Dave!!!

    It was a pleasure hosting it, we have had a lot of positive feedback on it and may do it again sooner than you think. ;) We will keep you and the blogosphere posted if we do.

    We are glad you and Mari enjoyed it!

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