Stop Paying Too Much For Cables


With the holidays upon us, I’m reposting this PSA – which was originally published way back in July, 2006. (RIP Tweeter and Circuit City.)

Stop it! Seriously. It sickens me when friends and family tell me how much they’re paying for cables at retail. Best Buy, Circuit City, and even Radio Shack are sticking it to consumers with profit margins that must exceed 80%.

Obviously we can’t stop buying cables, but we can be more choosy in who we patronize. If you have the patience to wait a few days for delivery, the best deals are (not-surprisingly) online. The other benefit of buying online is there are far more options in terms of connections and cable length. For example, I couldn’t just drive down to my local Tweeter for the 35′ HD15 -> Component cable I needed to feed my recently retired (sniff sniff) projector. Retailers like Amazon and are much cheaper than the brick & mortars, but for the best deals look to specialized businesses.

In my experience, MonoPrice is currently the best of the bunch among lesser known vendors. Their prices are awesome and delivery is efficient. I recently purchased BOTH a 3′ HDMI cable and a 3′ DVI -> HDMI cable for UNDER $10. How can you beat that?

13 thoughts on “Stop Paying Too Much For Cables”

  1. I totally agree. Monoprice is the way to go. We bought some HDMI cables a while back and they’ve been great.

  2. Monoprice is excellent. The also have great deals on wallmounts, speakers, etc.

    I just returned a micro-usb car charger to Verizon ($29.99) after purchasing a $1.08 version at Monoprice.

  3. I couldn’t agree more! I have recommended Monoprice to numerous family, friends and co-workers. The prices at Best Buy, the local retailer in my small town, are obscene.

  4. I agree, monoprice does have pretty cheap cables, lately I’ve been making most of my computer accessory buys at due to their customer service and I trust that if something stops working they’ll replace it fast and free.

    Monoprice dropped the ball about 6 months ago and couldn’t get the product I bought reshipped when mine arrived defective. Found it at Cyberguys and they had it to me overnight at no additional charge. Not a bad way to convert a new customer.

    There is always cheap, but for me I need reliability and a quality product.

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