Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 Multiplayer

Dave Zatz —  November 12, 2009


At least 24 hours late to the party, I’ve finally (ha) picked up Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2. After logging only about two and a half hours in combat, I like what I see. In multiplayer. While sacrificing literally days over the last couple years playing CoD: MW and WaW, I’ve never played more than a few minutes in the solo campaign mode. I just wasn’t into shooters (no Doom, no Quake) and online play (other than some dialup Daytona on Dreamcast) until landing up my first 360. And, now, it’s about the only way I use the console.

Modern Warfare 2 shows a whole lot of visual polish. Maybe a bit too much, in fact. And the maps are more complex and multidimensional, which I’m digging. The loadouts, perks, and kill streaks see a whole new level of sophistication and customization. In my limited exposure, player control and gun accuracy seem spot on. But, while Infinity Ward indicates they’ve taken steps to balance the gameplay, it’s only going to help seasoned veterans. As I seriously doubt a newbie would quickly find their way or hold their own. Of course, CoD still features the best online gaming lobby and matchmaking experience. However, I’d like to see the new Accolades (pic below) mirrored somewhere on the web. I won’t win too many matches as a sniper, but my kill/death ratio is usually amongst the best. So let me geek brag with a badge of some sort. Halo implemented in-game screengrabs two years ago; I assume IW can get some of their (my) content online too.


As someone who typically sneaks and snipes, I’ve fared better than expected (k/d = 1.0+) early going in MW2. After leveling up just a few times, you’re presented with the pre-configured Scout Sniper class. Not only do you wield the powerful and accurate .50cal Barrett, but you also carry your own rifle-mounted radar while simultaneously blocking the enemy’s UAV. But wait, there’s more. An awesome new “tactical insertion” perk let’s you mark and respawn at your preferred sniper roost. Even more devastating (to your foes)… I discovered towards the end of my initial round of gameplay that a basic “overkill” perk is standard on all classes. Without having to sacrifice the “stopping power” perk. So I’m now building out a custom sniper class (pic up top) with a fully automatic sub machine gun to more effectively blast my way to a a sniping perch. See you online?

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  1. As positive as I feel, I’m about ready for a game update. ;) Spawn points on the small map Rust are awful. Repeatedly, I’ve spawned within a few feet of someone’s muzzle and vice versa. Also, in many cases on my end it appears that I’ve been downed with one shot, but the killcam indicates multiple. Not something I often saw in World at War. I was also surprised to see a couple instances of slowdown outside of larger Ground War battles.

    Other things… the new smoke grenade effects are amazing. Although I assume once I get a thermal scope, they’ll appear less impressive. I’ve been crushed by killstreak turrets yet had zero luck in deploying two or three of my own — pointing them in the wrong direction, without being able to re-position. Now I know.

    Lastly, and unrelated to an update, we should all note the distinction between sniping or defending a position versus “camping” with a silenced weapons behind a doorway. Get it straight, folks.

  2. Multiplayer scares me. I can hold my own in Halo, but I’ve never really played multiplayer in the CoD series. The few times I tried I was owned.

    As for single player, here’s what I wrote in an email to friends last night (including to Dave):


    Wow! Can I say that again? Wow! My Twitter stream has been a-twitter about this game for weeks. Now I know why.

    The Metacritic reviews for this game are in. It’s currently rated 9.5 out of 10 based on 48 reviews. As such it is ranked as the 4th best Xbox 360 game of all time.

    Call of Duty, Modern Warfare 2 is truly something new. I’ve played probably more than 50 shooters in my life. This one is singularly different. No corridor shooter here. I’m playing on the harder, ‘hardened’ mode and, while tough, I don’t mind it’s difficulty because it is the MOST realistic shooter I’ve ever played (at least in the first 4 or 5 levels). After playing an arctic mission, driving snowmobiles and an earlier city mission, I’m now playing through a shanty town in Brazil. I’ve been working on getting through this small area for about 45. Terrorists, para-military and gun-wielding punks coming at me from every direction. If you accidentally kill civilians or other special ops guys, the mission ends in failure (you go back to the last check-point which, thankfully are liberally sprinkled around). I might chunk back down to ‘normal’ difficulty because at this rate it will take me forever to complete – the game even warned me after going through basic training that ‘hardened’ is probably not best for me. Never had that happen before.

    This game should be played on a high-def TV. The detail is incredible.

    There is a very controversial level about 4 levels in. I won’t say what happens. But you are given a choice in advance if you want to ‘play’ it or not in advance. You can skip past it. I didn’t know what it was, so I decided to play it. I pretty much wish I hadn’t. Without a doubt THE most controversial thing I’ve ever witnessed in a video game. I wish it hadn’t been included. Though it hasn’t stopped me from continuing to play.

    I haven’t tried multi-player yet. I always play through the mission before moving on to multi-player.


    This is definitely NOT your father’s shooter!!

  3. I picked it up for the PC yesterday. I haven’t really played any multiplayer games in a couple of months so my trigger finger is a little rusty. I love how it’s still super fast. Look forward to being as obsessed with this as I was with the first one.

  4. This is the best game I have ever played on PS3. The attention to detail and the graphics are second to none. The multiplayer is extremely entertaining. I have waited for this game for way too long and now I cannot stop playing it. I even called in sick to work because I wanted to play this game. Buyer beware: you will be hooked and it will affect your life in a good way. Wow, i sound like a …

    Roll Tide.

  5. MYY DUDEEEEE THIS GAME IS THE BEST OF THE BEST!!! i have the harden edtion and its pretty cool except the story was a little shorter then i expected but other then that this is the best game ever!!!!

  6. I’ve had a lot of fun playing through the single player campaign. Last night I checked out Special Ops missions and they were a lot of fun. I wish they were 4 player coop instead of two, but still fun. Especially since I didn’t have a lot of time to play and some of the are short. I need to jump on Live to test out the multiplayer aspect of things.

  7. Stephen (monkeykoala) November 13, 2009 at 9:07 am

    Played abit on the multiplayer maps – i was kinda hoping the burger bar level of the single player game would be one of the maps in multiplayer!!

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  9. I have a 360 as well.
    But I was dissapointed when I switched from regular Multiplayer to live (once I finally got it).

    I went from 2nd Presitge (almost 3rd).
    All the way down to a private again.

    Is there anyway possible to switch my Multiplayer ranking over to the XboxLive gameplay?

  10. i am the number one from cod6


  12. Can u play 2 player on Multiplayer. I mean 2 people on the same console like in Halo?