WiFi Roku Remote? There’s an App for that.


I didn’t realize that my little Roku ($99) video streaming box has an open network interface. Like TiVo, one simply needs to telnet into port 8080 of the Roku from a LAN to issue commands. The first practical implementation, which I discovered over on Hacking Netflix, is the 99 cent iPhone/Touch DVPRemote app which allows you to wirelessly control a Roku. I can’t say I have a great need for this functionality, but it’s a cool hack that appeals to the geek in me.

Related, i.TV recently updated their (free) multipurpose iPhone entertainment app. In addition to featuring the best horizontal grid guide, Netflix queue management, and TiVo scheduling they’ve begun building out a virtual remote framework. And TiVo is up first. I prefer their look and layout over DVR Remote. However, i.TV doesn’t yet support multiple TiVo units or offer virtual QWERTY keyboard macros – which is probably the top reason to augment the peanut.

4 thoughts on “WiFi Roku Remote? There’s an App for that.”

  1. Dave Zatz to the rescue!

    Misplaced my Roku remote and after searching the house for it I thought “the thing is on wifi, maybe there’s an iPhone app that can control it.” a google search later I was on your blog and seconds later I was controlling my roku from my iPhone. Prblem solved!

    Thanks for connecting the interwebs!

  2. My 4 yr old son lost the remote to the roku and its now residing somewhere in the land of the lost cause its not in this house. I came across ur blog after doing a google search for Roku remotes ($40.00 really?!) and I was like duh there’s an app for that. There’s an app for everything. Did an app search for Roku remotes and found Rokumote. Its free and I was up and running in 30 sec flats. I love my iphone. Thxs for the heads up.

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