WDTV Version 2 Photos Leaked

wd-tv-2Photo via AVS Forum, Flickr

Looks like Western Digital is preparing a new version of their WDTV media player. The WDTV has similar innards as the SageTV HD Theater, minus the HTPC extender capabilities among other things. But it comes at a lower price (available under $99) and seems to have a pretty active user developer community. The WDTV 2 is reported to add network playback over Ethernet, DTS audio decoding and a component video port to go along with HDMI. So it should be a little more comparable the the SageTV HD Theater if the reports are correct.

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5 thoughts on “WDTV Version 2 Photos Leaked”

  1. Yeah, looks legit. Starting mid-summer, there’s a decent amount of holiday press preview events so they can get a jump on gift guides and what not. I assume the photographer knows this wasn’t supposed to be public yet as he has a brand new account on AVS, solely dedicated to sharing these pics. Hope this wasn’t the only highlight.

  2. There is no component video port on that device, and the original WDTV has component already (does anyone use that anymore anyway?)

    I also doubt Western Digital would add network playback since they hoping to sell external hard drives to go with it. It would defeat the whole purpose since everyone knows streaming is lame.

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