HDFury 2: Converting HDMI to Analog


Over on Geek Tonic, I recently learned of the HDFury 2 – a small dongle designed to complete the HDCP handshake and convert a digital signal into a possibly more useful analog one. (Component or D-Sub 15, VGA) The folks who’d benefit most probably want to keep older projectors or HDTVs, which lack HDCP, in production. This could also be particularly useful in places like the UK, where I hear more and more boxes are shipping without analog outputs. Presumably to prevent recording. The HDFury 2 reopens that door. And, for now, will keep it open. Recording from an HDMI connection isn’t a technical limitation, as formerly (?) proven by the Gefen HD DVR that I tore apart. However, HDMI licensing restricts those capabilities. And I assume spoofing a HDCP compliant device, as the HDFury 2 appears to, probably isn’t authorized either. Retailing for $200, it’s not inexpensive. But, depending on your needs and application, the HDFury 2 could very well be priceless.

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  1. After that guest post from JarkHD (on GeekTonic) about this device I’m thinking of picking one up. It is pricey, but I like options and you never know when something like this might cease to be sold. So it probably ends up being another example of Brent’s unending pile of spare electronic parts ;)

  2. This could be a godsend. I have an old Mitsubishi 55 inch tv (WS55807) that has a GREAT picture (professionally calibrated by a guy who specialized in the line a few years back) and I have no desire to get rid of it. But it only has analog inputs, no HDMI.

    So far, its not been an issue, as nothing I’ve wanted to get or hook up has been HDMI only. But its only a matter of time.

  3. I’m wondering if this gizmo could overcome the hassle I have with HDCP when trying to switch the media-pc display viewing a blu-ray disc from plasma tv to projector. “No cloning!” shouts the PC, even with the plasma on standy. So I have to disable the plasma through ATI CCC and manually enable it again afterwards. PITA.

  4. Cool. More options equals goodness. Thanks for the links Dave.

    Now if somebody would just find a way to disable the no copy bit on my Tivo so I can use Tivo To Go and do multiroom on HBO shows I’ll be happy…

    p.s. Hey HBO! You know how I dropped you for a long time? And I only recently added you because of Curb coming back? Well, I’ll be dropping you again as soon as its over. And this is part of the reason…

  5. Good news! I rarely post here but I will to say a self-evident truth: we have the inalienable right to copy whatever we want for our own use in our own homes after the signal reaches inside our house. Sorry anyone, even the government, that disagrees with this. I’ll step off the soapbox now but for one more thing. This right isn’t as big as pursuit of life and liberty but it is a type of pursuit of small “h” happiness. And this item makes me happy!

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