Enjoying 1 vs 100 Interactive Xbox Trivia

Dave Zatz —  July 29, 2009

Not exactly new, although still in beta, I wanted to mention 1 vs 100 on Xbox Live. It’s a console port of the trivia television show, which I’ve never seen but is similar to say a Who Wants to be a Millionaire with audience participation. As I commented on NewTeeVee a few weeks back, 1 vs 100 has me pretty excited – it represents the first true interactive television experience as far as I’m concerned, given the reach of the Xbox Live network and mainstream appeal of a trivia gameshow. Why watch a Jeopardy when I can participate directly?

Gameplay is pretty straightforward. There’s “The One” (player on the podium), the “mob” of 100 who compete against The One, and the “crowd” which is usually the rest of us. Multiple choice trivia questions are presented, points are tallied. Real prizes are up for grabs for The One or members of the mob (depending how the match plays out), although so far I’ve only seen Xbox video game downloads and Microsoft Points. The show is hosted by two human hosts, one is live (Chris Cashman) and the other (Jen Taylor, aka “Cortana”) may not be. We participants are represented by our personal avatars and we can chat within our quartet, although I’ve never donned the mic for this game.


I’m not sure if 1 vs 100 offers Achievements – figured my round-spanning 15 correct answers streak would be good for something. But no dice. And I wish could change my answer to recover from those occasional itchy trigger finger moments (point bonuses for quicker responses). As an occasional trivia buff, I also wish MS had partnered with the NTN or licensed You Don’t Know Jack – as fun as 1 vs 100 currently is, it could feature deeper, more diverse gameplay and with more bite.

At the moment, 1 vs 100 is free to Xbox Live Gold members and augmented by commercial advertisements – mainly Sprint (Go Pre!). Hopefully, with enough participants Microsoft will find the advertisers to simultaneously keep it free, bump the prizes, and expand the winner pool once officially released.

(The video I shot above isn’t a true representation of the game: “Extended Play” isn’t hosted live and doesn’t actually feature The One. But, it should be enough to get an idea of how this works.)

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4 responses to Enjoying 1 vs 100 Interactive Xbox Trivia

  1. I was really looking forward to this, but now that the announced that Iowans can’t win any of the prizes I just don’t have that much interest. It’s too bad b/c it looked like it could have been fun.

  2. Thanks for reminding me of that, Rod. I lived in Maryland until about a week ago and couldn’t win prizes either. Now I’m on the other side of the Potomac in Virginia and I’m eligible assuming MS got my address change. I think some provinces in Canada are excluded as well.

  3. They’ve said there’ll be achievements once it’s out of beta (and who knows when that’ll be)…the year will be divided up into four “seasons” like a TV show, and each season will have a new set of achievements. And as wishy-washy as MS has been about it, I think it’ll remain free for Gold subscribers and there may be some sort of pass that silver subscribers can get…although they still haven’t set any of that in stone.

  4. hey, never heard of this game before but it sounds interesting. that’s a new way to never let a game dies! =)