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Like many ZNF readers, I parked myself in front of the various WWDC live blogs today to monitor Apple’s Job-less announcements. Snow Leopard (only $29!) and iPhone 3.0 software (coming 6/17)  were obvious topics for a developer conference. I was mildly surprised to see some minor laptop hardware improvements and price drops, especially that SD slot after all these years. And then, of course, came the main event: The new iPhone 3G-S (6/19) with updated camera, video recording, voice control, faster processor. And a compass? Here’s a roundup of my tweets today, pre- to post-show:

  • What, there’s an Apple event today? How’d that sneak up on us…
  • @toddbarnard I try to stay out of the prediction business, but expect iPhone 3.0 software and Snow Leopard to ship very soon.
  • Most assume an iPhone announcement today, which is a safe bet. But I also wouldn’t be surprised if Jobs holds a dedicated launch mid-month.
  • And I’ve pretty much given up on my dream of an non-Quicktake Apple camera this decade. Thinking a rugged Panasonic DMC-TS1 is in my future.
  • Wish that SD card slot was a $29 upgrade like Snow Leopard.
  • @phonescooper The US MMS and tethering hold up? AT&T has to figure out how to upsell and bill those features.
  • TomTom on iPhone looks HOT. Too bad I can’t stream Slacker and take calls while it’s running.
  • Water bottles on the podium and blown demos. See, Apple is quite human. Without Jobs.
  • We will call it 3GS – the S stands for ‘spensive!
  • Does the Nike+ puck pedometer work with the iPhone yet or do I need the 3GN model?
  • My grandfather had a compass in his car like 30 years ago. Didn’t seem very useful back then.
  • Finally, the Nike+ kit is supported. Now I really have no excuse for such a sedentary lifestyle. WiFi battery life looks outstanding.
  • When will we found out the cost and fees (?) associated with TomTom. Gotta do the math versus bundled Sprint/Pre GPS service.
  • Botswana must wait until August for the 3GS?? That’s so not right.
  • Not overwhelmed with this evolutionary upgrade. Any of these could still be my next phone: Tour, Pre, 3GS, Ion/Magic. Hmmmm.
  • Stunned Apple/AT&T pulled off a $99 iPhone. (Hope to make up revenue via apps?) Competitors must be pretty depressed today.
  • Retweet @gpstracklog: TomTom iPhone video via @ClubTomTom [Me: Still no price or date…]
  • Thought the deal was us original iPhone suckers get a $200 upgrade to 3G, but Apple’s upgrade page now quotes me $300 for 3G or $400 for 3GS.
  • iPhone 3GS pricing got you down? Watch Brett Michaels’ crushing blow at the Tony Awards:
  • @cheerose What AT&T doesn’t seem to realize is that my $20/mo gen 1 iPhone data/text rate will always trump a $400 digital compass.
  • @Elan I was able to skip the upgrade to the iPhone 3G because I also own(ed) a Nokia N95 and Blackjack 2 – both 3G. Not sure what’s next.

10 thoughts on “The Tweets of WWDC”

  1. Yeah, with all the leaks and everything, kinda feels like a let-down. Just think of all the things that were rumored that didn’t come true:

    – no large format ipod touch/tablet
    – no update in storage for the iPod Touch
    – no update to the Apple TV
    – no front facing camera (and with all those “really clear” pictures proving it was coming too)
    – no 4GB iPhone
    – no increase in screen resolution to HD
    – no HD out
    – no radio transmitter (this one never made sense anyway)
    – no “soft touch” back
    – no wireless sync
    – no subscription music
    – no OLED screen

    Etc. Etc.

    In reality its a nice upgrade with the faster 3G (where available), the better camera, the faster CPU, the better battery life, etc.

    Does seem appropriate to be hating on AT&T right now, given how they’re left dumb-founded on what to do about tethering, MMS etc. Like they haven’t known this was coming for months like the rest of us. Jeez. Remember how everybody hated Verizon for disabling all the cool features on their phones. Want to know who the new Verizon is?

    Regardless, still want it.

  2. The pre has been so amazing so far, it has constantly exceeded my expectations of it. Multitasking is so fast on it, i can write multiple emails, txt’s at once so fast its a joke. only thing that sucks is no copy and paste from non editable fields. Once palm fixes that, ill be in Pre Nirvana!

  3. AT&T’s upgrade policy, tethering delays, SMS delays, and overall cost made me visit to take a look at rates. Way to go! What, they didn’t realize that the iPhone users aren’t AT&T fans necessarily?

  4. Oh, I left out maybe the most important rumor of all–that AT&T was going to drop their iPhone plans by $10, or at least offer a $10 cheaper plan, perhaps with overage charges, to encourage more people to sign up. Sorry, not today they didn’t.

  5. Oh one more thing about the pre…we are on a family plan and basically pay like 45 a person for unlimited txt data navigation everything. Its the best deal ever and I have great service in the dc/balto area. That’s the reason I’ve never went for an iphone and now with the pre I’m so glad…this post took no time to write on the pre

  6. As the presentation was running long, and Phil was still talking Nitro minutiae with no hint of a new phone, I tweeted:

    “Predict epic nerd and hipster rioting in the streets if no new iPhones are announced. Fixed gear bicycles on fire, CSS deleted. The horror.”

  7. Only the Pre and Android (currently) has any of the potential of the iPhone between the UI and the tools available to developers… although it seems clear that the Pre will fall short on gaming no matter how fast and powerful their HTML 5 based APIs operate.

    I think AT&T is about to find out whether their millions of new customers are iPhone customers or Smart Phone customers. But they will realize that all these people who flocked to them but all coincidentally picked up the same phone are NOT AT&T customers.

    With the Pre at $199 after rebate, I think Sprint and Palm are missing the big opportunity. Make it $99 instant … IF you trade in an iPhone. That will offset more than half the cancellation cost, and they can advertise their cheaper service to mitigate the rest.

  8. Yep, I feel no loyalty to AT&T. Especially since I receive NO coverage at work. Which is where I spend a large percent of my waking hours. If it’s costs me $400 to upgrade, it’ll also cost me about the same to switch to any phone/carrier I want – be it the Ion/G2, Pre, or whatever else is coming this summer. (The going rate seems to be about $200 and my cancellation fee will run $175.) And even by moving on, I get to keep my first gen iPhone as a WiFi device. I could also do nothing and keep my $20/mo data+texting plan. Give me a better deal on a 3GS and I might be in for that current $35 data+texting plan. I probably won’t do anything for a month or so – we’ll see how it all shakes out.

  9. I’m using the 3.0 software of course on the 3G phone and it’s really not that much pop to it at all. For all of the hoopla, I’m a little disappointed. I do like the new features and I still love the phone – just didn’t hear the chorus singing when I used it the first time.

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