Dicussing Boxee on TechVi

Last night, Ben Drawbaugh (EngadgetHD) and I discussed Boxee’s recent news with Randall Bennett of TechVi. MLB’s endorsement of Boxee’s platform goes a long way towards validating their model – premium content providers can get paid using alternative distribution methods, happily coexisting with Internet-exclusive video produced outside of big media channels (like a TechVi or Revision3). Something Hulu’s currently unwilling to embrace beyond of their explicit control. We also touch on the new Boxee Windows client and where Boxee could go next.

2 thoughts on “Dicussing Boxee on TechVi”

  1. In response to the inquiries/observations, NO that is not a Terps jersey. It’s the Niners… #85 Vernon Davis from Maryland. ;) Also you might see one of Melissa’s juiceboxes which I swiped to stay lubricated.

    After we wrapped, Ben and I talked another 30 minutes on Blu-ray jukeboxes, Moxi, and the future of Windows Media Center. Wish we had kept recording – it was a lively conversation.

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