Variable Speed iPhone Scrubbing Coming Soon


Next to my ongoing desire for a podcast delete function, the next-most glaring problem I have had with the iPhone and iPod Touch’s iPod playback functionality is its janky fast-forwarding and rewinding (also known as ‘scrubbing’).

The two most common scrubbing issues I have with my iPhone are when I want: (i) to skip back , say 10 seconds, to re-listen to something i missed – like I can with TiVo’s instant replay button; and (ii) to jump forward past podcast commercials – I can only listen to so many Audible ads on the Twit Network.

As reported on Apple Insider, and shown in the image above, the pending iPhone 3.0 OS release will have a variable scrubbing speed feature. To use variable scrubbing speeds, after touching the selector, the user moves his/her finger down, vertically, from the scroll bar, before sliding left and right. The further the finger is away from the slider, the more precise/finer the user’s left/right movement is.

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