A Canadian’s Perspective on Netflix Streaming

This week, Netflix launched its long awaited and much coveted Netflix Canada service. Unfortunately, the content selection cupboard is mostly bare. The limited offerings (and lack of DVD service) explains the $7.99 Cdn per month price. The minimum monthly fee that Americans pay for their Netflix service is $9.95 US. For that they get a DVD-by-mail … Read more

Why Evernote is an Integral Part of my Life

When I first purchased my Lenovo ThinkPad Tablet, several years ago, I dabbled with an earlier stand-alone version of Evernote. It presented a never-ending scratch-pad of sorts that I could write on with the tablet’s stylus. It was nice, even useful, but it didn’t supplant OneNote as my primary note-keeping software, until recently. The new … Read more

Using Dropbox to Sync Files Across Platforms

I have recently been experimenting with various cloud-based services. Among the best are EverNote, Google Apps Gmail with iMap, xmarks (formerly Foxmarks) and, now, Dropbox. Dropbox works within my cloud-computing rules. Namely: (i) the service uses the cloud but my key files are never left only on the cloud – I am never left at … Read more

Hulu Blocks Access from Hotspot Shield

After years of putting it off I finally installed and learned how to use Hotspot Shield last week. It worked wonderfully.  I was all set to write a blog post about it. Wouldn’t you know it, within a week Hulu has found a way to block it! I just tested it and indeed I’m blocked. … Read more

Listen to iPhone Video Podcasts with Display Off

While listening to audio-only podcasts, iPhone owners can press the ‘Sleep/Wake’ button to turn off the display, yet still continue listening to the podcast. iPhone users can also click the iPhone’s ‘Start’ button when listening to audio podcasts, use other iPhone apps, and continue listening to the podcast uninterrupted. Not so with podcasts. Pressing the … Read more

Canada’s Global Network Also Offers TV Online

Following my recent ‘Canada’s CTV Puts Full Primetime TV Episodes Online’ post, my commenters (see here and here) have justly schooled me in Canada’s current TV episode streaming offerings. While I was aware of the rather piddling offerings that had been available over the last few years, as of late, it seems, there is a … Read more

Canada’s CTV Puts TV Episodes Online

Canada’s CTV Network hast recently started putting full-length episodes of prime TV shows online. CTV is one of Canada’s three major television networks. It carries about half of the major U.S. primetime shows in Canada. Global carries the other half. The new service is available here (see the ‘Watch Online at CTV.ca’ heading to the … Read more

The Best Video Game Podcasts

This is an updated version of the earlier ‘Best Video Game Podcast’ post I made on April 18, 2008. I have listened to, and abandoned, many video game-related podcasts during that time. Those listed below, ordered by preference, have survived the culling and, with one exception, are recommended without hesitation. At the bottom I list … Read more