TiVo at The Cable Show

Dave Zatz —  April 1, 2009


While most geek bloggers are in Vegas for CTIA, Mari and I are roaming (and Tweeting) around The Cable Show in DC today. One of my first stops, of course, was TiVo’s booth. I tried to pry any additional info from them on future Cox, Comcast, and DirecTV deployments… but came up largely empty. Which isn’t so surprising and I can’t hold it against them, as the (partner) announcements aren’t really theirs to make. However, new to me, are the TiVo-Motorola-Comcast online scheduling capabilities “coming soon.”

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  1. Forgot to mention I swiped some TiVo window clings. Leave a comment if you want one. I’ll randomly pick from the few who discover this giveaway exists. ;)

  2. Wow, this looks really interesting. Especially the manage your season passes online line. This is something I’ve wanted TiVo.com to do for a long time. Sometimes, you want to make changes to your priorities away from the TV set, especially when it seems to take TiVo a minute or two to recalculate the schedule when you make a change. Hopefully, this means we’ll see these new features added for stand alone subscribers too.

  3. I’ll take one. Were there any news on Tivo Tru2way?

  4. I wish they would talk more about tru2way. Cablecards are a pain to setup.

  5. Brian D Purcell April 1, 2009 at 4:25 pm

    I’m also excited to see the SP managing capabilities online. That’s something I’ve hoped for us regular TiVo users.

    Oh, and pick me for those TiVo goodies!

  6. Currently TiVo.com cant address schedule conflicts online cant it?? I would love that with my standalone tivo

    Also Id Love some tivo goodies!

  7. Rocco, Tom I’ll hit some tru2way stuff tomorrow morning.

  8. Hmm, this will be nice, it’s too bad the Comcast Tivo offering is such a small limited market.

    I’m def. looking forward to more Tru2Way and what that means for the features, functionality and feel out of upcoming DVR solutions.

  9. i want to schedule stuff through a proper iPhone TiVo app.

  10. I wanna hear more about Tru2way, too!

  11. Any word on whether an updated Tivo model is on the way? Aside from Tru2way (which I’m not sure will require hardware support or just a software update), you’d think they’d come out with some new hardware that doesn’t require an external tuning adapter for SDV. I’m in the market for a new Tivo soon, and I was hoping there’d be an update (or at least a sweet discount) to celebrate the Tivo 10-year anniversary in March, but March has now come and gone with no news at all.

  12. smn98, Oh I’m sure they’d want it built in too. But the only way for a retail device to support SDV without a tuning adapter is via tru2way. These things are dictated by Cable Labs. No news on new hardware, but they’d save that for the holiday season anyway. As far as discounts, I’ve seen the TiVo HD as low as $200 – which seems like a good deal. Sure beats my early adopter Series 3 price tag.

  13. Thanks for trying to get info on the new DirecTV offering. Sign me up for the giveaway…

  14. TiVo clings have the opposite effect that home security system signs have…but I’d take one anyway.

  15. Thanks. Can you ask them about the 1 TB MyDVR expander that’s on preorder at Amazon (but doesn’t seem to work yet with tivo, per TCF posts)?

  16. I’d love a Tivo cling

  17. I would love a cling thing from TiVo!

  18. pick me! I would love a window cling :P

    Im personally waiting for Tivo to come back to DTV – if they dont soon Im going to switch to comcast or fios.

  19. It breaks my heart since I love my TIVO but, increasingly, it looks like yesterday’s toast. The cable cos (we have Time Warner Carlsbad) are moving to switched digital, which requires Tru2way, and TIVO is sleeping through the recession. I’m with Ish. Either TIVO moves into the 21st century or they should sell themselves to Scientific Atlanta, Motorola, or another manufacturer… LG anyone?