The Hava Gold Placeshifting Giveaway


What we’ve got here is a new Hava Gold ($100) placeshifter up for grabs. The Slingbox-esque device broadcasts your home television content from DVR or other set-top box to just about anywhere. Unlike a Sling, Hava also enables multicasting within the home, supports remote control IR learning, and offers free mobile software clients (Windows Mobile, Symbian S60, Nokia N810). Of course, Hava provides the requisite Windows software and it looks like OS X support is under development. At CES, the Hava team announced an upcoming video sharing portal and demo-ed an iPhone client.

Entering the giveaway is as easy as it gets, simply leave a comment. (US residents in the lower 48 only, please.) We’ll choose the winner at random in a few days.

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162 thoughts on “The Hava Gold Placeshifting Giveaway”

  1. Thanks for the opportunity. This would be a nice tool for my family in Germany to see our TV/DVR.

  2. Would love to have some credible competition to Slingbox; And, don’t forget the mobile client for iPhone please.

  3. Hearing a lot about this device recently in light of the lack of Slingplayer Mobile for iPhone, and the news that old Slingboxes simply won’t be support when the iPhone client arrives. Many users claiming their jumping ship over to Hava. I wouldn’t mind one to play around with!

  4. I’d love the option of placeshfiting my TV content to the iphone via Hava, slingbox or any other device, but I’m afraid AT&T is determined not to let that happen :-(

  5. hmmm, I’m not familiar with that product, but would enjoy putting it through the paces. I’ll go read up on it in case I win!

  6. Since sling is leaving me in the dust with their Iphone client*, sign me up.

    (I own a slingbox AV, which is apparently not supported by the upcoming iphone client)

  7. This looks exactly what I need, especially since it comes with a free client for my Windows Mobile Phone.

  8. That looks like it might be a good replacement for the aging Slingbox Classic that I have in the house. I will have to check the reviews to see how they compare in features and cost.

  9. Used to use sling, all set wih them now. Its nice that sling gives us like a two week notice that the “older” box that i bought about two months ago won’t work with the iphone. Go Hava!!

  10. Now that Sling is screwing me as an early adopter, it’s time to screw back by switching to Hava.

    I promise to do a comparo if I win the Hava box.

  11. This would be a great toy. Finally I can continue to watch a show while on the crapper!

    Actually it would also come in handy at work as well. I could finally remotely schedule DVR recordings (and heck even watch them). Far better than anything the Cable company could come up with!

    Thanks for the opportunity Dave!

  12. I never win anything (if I buy a $5 lottery ticket, I will win a $1).

    But you never know, if at first you don’t succeed…

    … trouble is I have been trying for the past 40 or so years!

  13. wow 85 comments and normally there are less than 20 on posts!!! Anyway, being a loyal slinger I’d love to give it a shot and see how it compares.

  14. I have had my original sling since they first came out and am not going to be giving them 350 to use sling with my iphone. I have been looking for alternatives. What’s up with this being only for the lower 48??? The US mail comes to Hawaii…

  15. Dave, Is begging alowed?
    I need this because my Slingbox, as you know, is worthless for my N800 and n810. Please fix my life!!
    And yiu to RANDOM computer picking site!!

    Gotta go, gotta lotta chanting to do now.

  16. Random numbers, we have never been very good friends, but I think it’s time that we patch things up and move forward into the future together.

  17. hey I think there is no cap on the UPLOAD data side. And free windows mobile client. Dave knows I have been into shows on my Smartphone for sometime.

    Please pick me, pick me.

  18. If Sling doesn’t redeem itself and get back to its roots, this may be the future of placeshifting! I hope to have a chance to get it!

  19. Hava devices are fantastic! I love this technology and the capabilities these devices have over the competition. Count me in for the contest.

  20. Neat, looking forward to that OS X support! My Slingbox Pro just died on me, a year past its warranty expiring. :-(

  21. I’ve been eyeing the Slingbox, but the Hava looks better. I’ve only won one thing in my life — a hat. But I don’t wear hats!

  22. Slingbox blows chunks. I’ve had two SB Pros die on me in little over 13 months – which means my warrarnty is out and I’m out of luck. I want a HAVA !

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