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cable-show9The Cable Show runs through the end of the week. And while Mari’s riding it out, I’ve seen what I need to. I’ve got at least two more posts in me, maybe more, that I hope to get up… starting tomorrow. For those of you who haven’t yet picked up the Twitter habit, here’s a compilation of our event tweets today. Below that, some random pics.

  • davezatz: Hitting The Cable Show today… ping me with coverage requests. Things like TWC/Moto’s tru2way multi-room DVR won’t photograph well, tho.
  • davezatz: @CableShow Heading out shortly… May not be 8:30AM exactly, but I’ll find my way over. Once Starbucks has collected their daily toll.
  • msilbey: Heading to Cable Show shortly. In addition to blogging, will be helping out with this:
  • msilbey: @CableShow It’s an online thing. Includes blog and twitter feeds, videos from Cable Show & CTIA, and “Ask an Expert” feature
  • davezatz: Twitpic is down, so ZNF is hosting my Cable Show Blogger Summit breakfast pic:
  • msilbey: Finally met @blankbaby. Corporate bloggers unite!
  • msilbey: @cypherstream Time Warner/Motorola tru2way multiroom DVR deployment:
  • davezatz: Twitpic still down, but check out my SEXY 3D glasses (with @pjrodriguez snapping pic in the reflection).
  • msilbey: First Cable Show general session about to start, and I’m parked right next to an outlet with a strong wi-fi hook-up
  • msilbey: Wow- NCTA guys just sent out a copy of Kyle McSlarrow’s opening remarks- he just finished speaking.
  • msilbey: Moderator asking cableco panel about most important broadband products to focus on. Nobody is answering the question…
  • davezatz: – Twitpic is back! And Clear/wire is in the Sprint booth at The *Cable* Show? Hm.
  • msilbey: Brian Roberts: Have to do some tough things now to get where we want to go – all-digital transition, DOCSIS 3.0, Project Infinity
  • msilbey: Cox’s Pat Esser: The most valuable asset I own is still the last mile to the home. Even wireless doesn’t change that.
  • msilbey: Comcast’s Roberts: Focused on making Clearwire successful, but we do have AWS spectrum too
  • msilbey: Suddenlink’s Kent is the only one on the panel not convinced his company needs a wireless play.
  • msilbey: Comcast’s Roberts: Online video is friend not foe.
  • msilbey: Cox’s Esser: We need to enable anywhere/anytime access. Collateral issue- Where does anywhere extend? Your kid at college?
  • msilbey: Comcast’s Roberts: 65% of sales last quarter from DSL defectors.
  • msilbey: Comcast’s Roberts: At times like this (i.e. recession) companies like ours should invest.
  • msilbey: Suddenlink’s Kent: Advertising is only 5% of our revenue.
  • msilbey: Now at the tru2way panel. Stay tuned.
  • msilbey: Cable Labs David Reed: Tremendous presence from tru2way and interactive TV at the cable show this year. Looks “real” this time.
  • msilbey: Time Warner has passed the 2-million mark with tru2way set-tops.
  • msilbey: Comcast’s Mark Hess predicts there will be a lot of tru2way retail
  • msilbey: Comcast’s Mark Hess- says Comcast has to look at improving navigation with tru2way. Improving the user interface is “job 1” for us.
  • davezatz: I love me some CradlePoint mobile broadand routing. Moreso with WiMax. CLEAR Spot:
  • davezatz: I don’t know who Colin Ferguson is, but he seemed like a cheerful guy: Missed Christian Slater @ MTV.
  • davezatz: As a customer, I don’t always see eye to eye with Comcast. But @comcastcares & @blankbaby are good people. Happy to meet them today.

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