New Netflix Survey Offers Clues

Looks like Netflix is once again soliciting feedback via a branching web-based survey.

Last week we started to see blog coverage of what looks to be them testing the waters for providing service on additional game consoles (Wii, PS3). My immediate reaction, given the scarcity of sources, a non-Netflix URL, and the “exclusive” language of the Netflix+Microsoft Xbox 360 deal was no way. However, Engadget posted another survey screengrab today. And while it looks remarkably similar to a questionnaire delivered last year, I suspect it’s legit… after also being emailed a Netflix survey link yesterday. Which calls into question the nature of Microsoft’s “exclusive” deal with Netflix. Is it time-based, content-specific, or something else?

As someone who already uses Roku, TiVo(s), and Xbox 360 to periodically stream Netflix video, I believe I was led through a different line of questioning. Specifically, I was quizzed on what sort of “additional content” and “additional features that Netflix could implement related to instantly watching movies and TV episodes.” Many of the items seem pretty obvious and hopefully represent the inevitable evolution of Netflix’s streaming service. So I’m thinking this is being used to guide project priorities.

Netflix’s most significant shortcoming is the lack of current content. Which is largely a financial and licensing issue to be worked out with the studios. Taking that out of the equation, I’d really like to be able to browse the Netflix content catalog from the couch. (Although my laptop usually accompanies me around the house.) I’m sure the surround sound item will appeal to many. And that resolution will be codec/hardware dependent. Lastly, Netflix should clearly indicate any video expiration dates. Better yet, I’d like to see a persistent content library that doesn’t expire.

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4 thoughts on “New Netflix Survey Offers Clues”

  1. I left Netfilx several months ago because I was frustrated with their lack of Bluray and that fact that I could never get my first choices sent to me (very long wait). But I rejoined when TiVo got the streaming service. I signed up for the one-out-at-time + unlimited streaming.

    While I was excited at first about the streaming, I find I hardly use it any more because, as you said, of the lack of content. I find I stream “Goodfellas” alot and not much else more.

    The fast forward/rewind is also kind of annoying, though I understand why it is that way.

    I don’t know if I am going to stick with it. I’ll give it a little time more.

  2. Given that Wii & PS3 surveys talk about buying a $9.99 Netflix disk instead of downloading a program like on 360, I wonder if 360’s exclusivity clause was defined too narrowly & only includes “built-in” programs and not standalone disks.

  3. I want Netflix to automatically deliver Blu-ray quality movies to my settop box. I want a plan with a fixed monthly cost that allows me to have 4 (for example) movies downloaded at any time. As soon as I watch 1 of my 4 movies, a new movie from my queue automatically downloads and replaces the watched movie. Basically, I want downloaded Netfilx movies to work exactly how the physical discs do: automatic delivery and only so many at your house at any point in time. I’d even be OK it were capped at a certain number of movies/month; just make it simple, automatic, the latest titles, and true HD.

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