Imminent Launch of Pandora on Vudu


I’ve received word that Pandora Internet radio streaming will be launching on Vudu in the very near future. This seems to be confirmed by a published, then yanked, post on CNET. (Also, swiped/syndicated here.) While I’m happy to see Vudu’s still got life and continues to expand box offerings beyond video purchases/rentals (aka Vudu Labs), I don’t see a lot of value in television-based music services. Despite my fondness for Pandora.

As you can see from my mole’s pic above, Home Movies are also in the works… enabling owners to stream H.264 video from PC, as I recently mentioned. At $150, the Vudu box is looking a whole lot more interesting these days. If they can hang on.

6 thoughts on “Imminent Launch of Pandora on Vudu”

  1. This looks awesome, I use my apple express router to stream itunes to my stereo (and then distribute around the house) and also use a Squeezebox to stream pandora, and my music, internet radio to the stereo. Having it on the vudu in the LR would allow me to reduce one box. I like this idea a lot!

  2. A friend of mine has the Vudu box and she loves it. If they keep innovating I’ll have to think about it. I’d like to see Boxee esque like features though.

  3. When is pandora coming as a plug-in for my itunes! i love it on the iphone, i miss having it under my command at my terminal!

  4. I’ll have to test this out on my VUDU Box. Pandora is really neat, and it will be cool to have it away from my computer now.

    Also, the “Home Movies” seems interesting. Hopefully it is completed soon.

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