Digital Media Bytes: Last100 Edition

A periodic roundup of relevant news… from our friends at Last100:

Yahoo’s Widget Channel debuts on new Samsung Internet-connected TVs
Compatible Samsung TVs start at $3,000 for a 46-inch screen and the feature enables users to install mini-apps referred to as “widgets” that offer access to a range of Yahoo services — news, stock quotes, Flickr photos, weather — along with those from third-party services, such as Twitter and eBay.

ZeeVee’s consumer set-top box too expensive and too complicated, says company CEO
The product never took off, selling “just a few thousand units” and has since been canned. The reason, ZeeVee’s CEO Vic Odryna is that the product was too expensive and too complicated. starts charging international users, kills third-party mobile apps

Another reality check for ad-supported music services. CBS-owned has started charging users outside of the US, UK and Germany to make up for the short fall in advertising revenue.

Gravity, a really nice Twitter app lands on Symbian S60 phones

The end result is a very powerful yet user-friendly Twitter app, and one that is better in many ways than Twitter’s own website and the many iPhone Twitter clients out there.

8 thoughts on “Digital Media Bytes: Last100 Edition”

  1. I knew Zeevee was emphasizing their rebranded Zinc software platform (like a Boxee), but I hadn’t realized they quietly killed off the ZvBox. Guess my review unit, awaiting updates, will now join my former Akimbo and Moviebeam in the landfill.

  2. Yesterday when I went to from my I phone I got a mobile optimized version that was glorious -quick loading, font the right size, etc. At the bottom of the page it said powered by Mobile WordPress.
    Today, all I get is the full version even if I try m.znf or mobile.and.
    Are you planning on bringing the mobile optimiEd version fulltime?

  3. Robert, I updated the plugin this AM and it no longer works. When I have some free time and/or the developer releases an update, it’ll be coming back – it’s too nice not to.

    Update 1:07PM EST… We’re back in business for streamlined mobile access.

  4. Dave – I hope this reply gets to you. The ZvBox is far from dead! It’s interesting how my recent comments were misinterpreted, and then continue to spin!

    As you know, the ZvBox was not the easiest product to install, and was more frustrating to users than we expected. That led to far lower adoption, and therefore worry about if and how we survive.

    In the meantime, commercial applications were coming to us, simply because our broadcast technology revolutionizes how HD video is distributed in locations like airports, restaurants, and bars. We’ve spent the past 5 months building and launching a commercial product and are doing very well with it.

    We then improved Zinc, and just launched it. We’re now back improving the original ZvBox. We hope to release a significant update shorty. Don’t put it away yet!

    Keep the faith!


  5. Thanks for the clarification, Vic. That’s pretty crappy how the story spun out of control – not good for business, I imagine. :/ I did see the commercial product advertised in CE Pro, but wasn’t sure if it had launched.

    I personally didn’t find ZvBox setup that challenging, but NewTeeVee sure seemed to have some problems. I’ll keep keep the ZvBox safe and sound until the updates hit – looking forward to some sort of Mac integration.

    Sorry I wasn’t timely with Zinc coverage, the day job got in the way. Hope to play with it in the near future.

  6. Yeah, that’s how it seemed to go with our early users. Many got it up and running without any trouble, and are still loving it. Others had a really hard time. Sigh. We’ll crack this!

    Regarding the Mac – Zinc support will come soon (target – end of April). Then ZvBox update – a week or two after that. Then ZvBox for Mac – probably in June.

    Keep in touch!

  7. Just tried the Gravity S60 app on my stupid Nokia E61i. Seems quite nice actually. Course its just a 10-day evaluation, and you can only post for the first 5-days of that. And then is TEN DOLLARS!

    C’mon folks, has the iPhone taught you nothing? I can buy a freaking Texas Hold Em game with “lifelike” animations of players with tells and all for like $5 on the iPhone. And those guys are making a LOT more money than you are. How many people will really pay for this thing at $10? You know I can tweet without paying you right?

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