Digital Media Bytes

Dave Zatz —  March 27, 2009

A periodic roundup of relevant news… from our other blogs:


Media Center Plugin streams Netflix and Hulu
A new streaming video plugin for Vista Media Center PCs and extenders, called VMCPlayIt, provides a front-end interface to the PlayOn digital media server software.

DTV D-Day #2
According to the FCC, nearly half of the country’s TV stations have now made the DTV transition. However, the fact that many large markets still get analog signals means we could still see consumer outcry come June.

How to Host Your Email on Your Domain using Google Apps’ Gmail
With Google Apps’ Gmail you can set up personalized email addresses for yourself, up to 50 members of your family or 50 employees in your business, using an Internet domain you own and control. Your email address will no longer be chained to your ISP.

New Motorola VOD Server
Motorola has launched the B-3, a Flash-based on-demand video server that handles anywhere between a few hundred and few thousand streams.

First Look at the NCTA’s Broadband Nation
The 20,000 square feet exhibit will showcase cable technology in several different types of environments, including networked home solutions, tru2way apps, and WiMAX, among many others.

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