TiVo Desktop 2.7 Released

TiVo Desktop 2.7 has hit the streets. This Windows software update packs several enhancements. On the TiVoToGo front, Desktop now functions more like TiVo itself by allowing you to specific the number of transferred shows that are kept on your PC. This long sought after feature is pretty critical if you have limited storage and a predilection for high def content. Another requested improvement has been partially implemented, by allowing you to browse previously transferred shows in folders back on the TiVo. For those who’ve paid for Plus ($25) functionality, the codec package appears to have been upgraded – additional file formats and containers (such as HD MKV) can be transcoded and transferred from PC to TiVo for playback. Although power users or those on a budget might prefer to continue using pyTiVo. (Thanks, Zeo!)

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  1. Do you know whether or not TiVo desktop is transcoding the MKV into another format Mpeg4?) or whether it’s been updated to play natively? Sometimes the quality on transcoding isn’t all that great, but since the TiVoHD supports H.264, I don’t see why they wouldn’t have the juice to play MKV directly?

  2. Todd, there are better community developed alternatives for Linux and Mac to handle both TiVoToGo and “TiVoBack” functionality. The official Roxio TiVo Mac stuff has frequently been plagued by audio/video sync issues when transcoding, so the freebie stuff might be better anyhow.

  3. Tivo has long dismissed the Mac community, and if they were smart, they’d pull the plug completely. Their Mac versions are horrible as they are.

    Of course, based on their current revenue and increasing subscriber base, they must be doing something right. Oh – wait a minute……

  4. @Davis, if it’s doing transcoding from the PC, you should be able to see a hit on the CPU, particularly if your PC is not all that powerful.

  5. Davis, as far as I know, TiVo Desktop is still transcoding content into MPEG-2 on the PC. Of course, we know the TiVoHD and Series3 can handle H.264 now. Perhaps we’ll move there one day. And, for the love of G*d, how about finally giving us direct access to podcasts from those more-capable TiVo boxes?

  6. Problem after upgrading to TiVo Desktop 2.7 on my PC running Vista. When I try to open TiVo Desktop I get the message ” Transfer server wrong version! ” anyone know how to fix this please?

  7. I tired to install this on another computer of mine and everything worked fine, until I put in my PLUS KEY, and now the server will not start….

    Anyone else having this issue?

  8. Nothing in this update appeals to me. As others mentioned, the features I want (direct podcast subscriptin – native H.264 playback) are nowhere to be seen. I’ll be happy if its a little more stable and less of a resource hog! I can dream!


  9. I for one want these features, though I’m more interested in limiting the number of iPod-converted shows rather than the number of shows held no the computer, but whatever, I’ll take what I can get.

    Not sure I understand the comment above Dave, which seems to suggest you only get folders for Tivo shows you’ve transferred, not for other stuff you might have on the computer (like internet sourced content). Not impressed with that if true, but I’ll take what I can get.

    The one thing I wish is that they would do a better job of transcoding for the Tivo HD. If I let the Tivo Desktop transcode an episode of Top Gear (sourced as an 800MB relatively high quality Xvid file typically, and usually 16:9 these days), I end up with a doubly-letterboxed crappy looking stream. If I convert it myself manually, it looks loverly, so I do it for shows when I really care about how they look. Would be nice not to have to take that extra step.

    One thing I’d really like, but will never ever see, would be support for ripped DVDs, with cover art, extras, and all that in some fashion. But given how slow Tivo is in progressing this stuff, seems like it’ll be decades before we see something like this (and Tivo will be long out of business).

  10. 2.7 will not play transferred HD podcasts to Tivo. eg CNET Loaded HD. it is definitely a bug in 2.7, since the non HD version of the podcasts plays fine. The HD version is a black screen with no sound

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