The TiVo Fanboy Giveaway


Another week, another fun giveaway here on ZNF! The current prize package consists of the fine TiVo Glo remote ($50) that I acquired from the now-defunct Rewards program, a TiVo cookie cutter (resembling an armless Noid) that was a freebie, and a TiVo-emblazoned Cross pen that I might have picked up during a TiVo HQ visit. Entering the contest is as easy as it gets, simply leave a comment. (US residents in the lower 48 only, please.) We’ll choose the winner at random in a few days.

199 thoughts on “The TiVo Fanboy Giveaway”

  1. Could have used the cookie cutter Valentine’s day………..on second thought, my wife could have also used it for an unintended purpose.

  2. I’m such a TiVo fanboy.. We’ve got three TiVos in the house, and hovering above my monitor here is a TiVo logo stuffed toy to display my allegiance to the world.. or at least my co-workers.

  3. I love my tivo and would be ecstatic to win that glo remote. My 11 month old’s favorite game is smashing our (regular) tivo remote on the ground, so I may need a replacement very soon.

  4. My 9 year old wants her TiVo remote to control her crap-tasic TV, which the standard peanut cannot do :(
    A programmable learning Glo remote would be just the trick!!!

  5. The glo remote would be a great replacement for the one I have with the text worn off of the buttons, but my daughter really wants the cookie cutter.

  6. My TiVo Series 2 remotes are starting to deteriorate. The Glo Remote would be a great replacement for one of them.

  7. HOLY GEEZ! I just realized those bastards at TiVo never sent me my cookie cutter! I filled out the form back in November or December and never got nothin’!

  8. Please count me in, I would love to have a Glo remote, but mostly just want the wife to make some tivo shaped cookies :)

  9. I do not really need another remote, but I have worn the ink off of my commercial skip button (not my fault, too many commercials on TV). Loving the blog BTW.

  10. Would love the GloRemote — all of the numbers and letters have long worn off my original Series 2 remote (so right now only we know what the buttons really do, visitors have to guess!)

  11. My remote is busted, so I could use a new one. Glo would just be a bonus. I’d even take your old (but working) one and you can keep the Glo for yourself! Thanks.

  12. I envision eating TiVo cookies and keeping my buttery fingerprints off the glo remote by using the pen to press the buttons.

  13. A matching cookie cutter to the one I already have! And they said I would never amount to anything! Muwaahhhaha!

  14. This would be perfect to add to the package when I sell all my Tivo stuff! Ebay’ers love that kinda thing.

  15. I’m in! I’m a huge Tivo Fan-boy, I own two Tivo HD and a Tivo Series 3 (purchased within a month of original release). More Tivo “stuff” is always welcome! I’ll use it to convert another family member…

  16. What TiVo user wouldn’t want the Glo remote. The cookie cutter would be a nice 2nd place so you have home cooked chocolate chip TiVo cookies & milk while using a Glo remote. :-D

  17. I love my TiVo series 2 dual tuner the most of all my DVR gadgets. It’s way better than Dish Network’s DVR (save for the 2-hour pause/spooling) and much easier than my new SageTV placeshifter (Germany -> US). The glow remote would be so kewl. thanx for the chance!

  18. My brother-in-law loves all things TiVo and I missed giving him a birthday present this year. This might make up for it and make my wife happy at the same time. Woo hoo!

  19. I could use the remote! Or the cutter. The post office smashed mine. Bastards. But winning the remote will help ease the pain.

  20. My remote has been slobbered on so much that the numbers have faded. Not that I don’t know where everything is by touch. Still, a new pretty one would be nice.

  21. Just purchased a Tivo HD (trying to save the economy, of course!), and could really use a glo remote… A new remote would really take my mind off just how long it has taken me to type this whole message in on my “wife’s” xmas iPod Touch. Exploring new and exciting ways to become less efficient—and somehow, loving it…

  22. Any chance of including the little plush TiVo doll?

    Cookies are nice, the Glo remote is better, but I have a 2 year old TiVo fangirl!

  23. I love Zatz Not Funny and I read it every day in Google Reader. I know it’s a random draw, but I hope I get picked! I think WHOEVER wins, should send a Thank You Note written with the pen and some Tivo Guy shaped cookies.

  24. With multiple kids who all seem to leave the remote in the oddest places (um … the bathroom?) it would be good to have a backup remote.

    Oh please great gods of randomness … grant me a remote!

  25. Rich W (#95) is the big winner – congrats!

    Stayed tuned for more ZNF giveaways… We’ll be unloading a few bigger ticket items shortly. (And please, only one comment per contest. I don’t enjoy manually removing duplicates.)

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