Get Your OS X Hulu Fix via Plex


When one door closes, bust through a window? OS X users still seeking a Hulu fix after the Boxee run-in should download the new version of Plex. Both Boxee and Plex share the same XBMC (Xbox Media Center) DNA. However, as a community project, Plex will continue to have more freedom in what they can provide. Whereas Boxee is a funded company – who’d rightfully prefer to work deals and avoid lawsuits. Like Boxee, Plex can be controlled via remote. However, while earlier versions may have been able to run on AppleTV, the current incarnation cannot. Personally, I’m still turned off by the random nature of Hulu’s library and video quality – so I’m in agreement, it can’t yet replace cable.

1 thought on “Get Your OS X Hulu Fix via Plex”

  1. Plex does not have Netflix support so it is not a 100% Boxee substitute. Also, it seems to run slower on my Mini, especially playing things over my local network, than Boxee.

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