Coinstar Taking Complete Possession of Redbox

redbox Redbox, the popular movie rental kiosks, is being completely acquired by Coinstar. McDonalds is selling their share in the company (they’ll still own some stock as part of the deal) and are leaving the video rental business to the guys at Coinstar. The business has been pretty good for Redbox as they continue to expand their $1 per movie per day business across the country. Expect to see Blu-ray disc rentals for a bit over $1 (could be up to $2) in the near future based on a report by Inside Redbox.

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8 thoughts on “Coinstar Taking Complete Possession of Redbox”

  1. My how Redbox has grown. And Blockbuster blew it. They should have gotten into this game instead of screwing around with Moviebeam and now their 2wire initiative. It’s been interesting to watch the evolution of Redbox. Back when I rode the subway to work, in 2004 or 2005 I walked by a brand new Redbox kiosk… in a McDonalds parking lot. And next to it stood a second “redbox” which distributed sandwiches, Tide, juice, and other convenience store options. Coinstar did the right thing getting them into supermarkets. And of course I imagine they’re a ton more productive than their own, original Coinstar change counting kiosks. (Incidentally, I’ve never rented from Redbox. Though I did notice our Safeway has an offbrand Redbox. It’s red alright, but I have no idea who makes it.)

  2. There are several different movie rental kisoks out there, but Redbox has done a nice job of expanding to new markets, marketing & even innovating a little. I say innovating mostly because of the ability to view thier catalog online, reserve your rental online and pick it up later. Looks like they’ll be testing Blu-Ray discs at a somewhat higher then $1 price soon too.

    I use redbox on occasion, but Netflix is my primary movie rental source.

  3. I use Redbox on a weekly basis. What I really like is that Monday has turned into Free Movie Monday with their txt coupon codes.

    Yes I have also paid for rentals as well. At $1 a pop they are priced just right. I have yet to see any Blu-Ray discs yet, but at $1.50 I would consider them, probably not at $2 though.

  4. I just used Redbox for the first time last week (I’m a Netflix user). Wow. Just wow. My first thought upon completing my transaction was “Blockbuster is done”. Their service was perfect. Quick, efficient, no surprises.

  5. Grah! The only conveniently located store with a Redbox in my area just got bought out by another company. The kiosk was one of the first things to go before the store closed for remodeling, and I’m fairly sure this new company doesn’t plan on putting it back.


  6. I have had a problem renting movies on-line with red box. Red box customer services has been unable to help me. I keep getting a message”you have not selected a movie”. How or who can help me?

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