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Video Of The Day: Engadget’s Netflix HD Streaming Shootout
I haven’t run my own Netflix streaming shootout, but I do own TiVo(s), an Xbox 360, and the Roku box. For ease of use and quickness, Roku wins. But it only outputs 720p HD. Meaning an old HD set like the one in my bedroom, a 30″ Panasonic CRT tube, which only accepts 1080i can’t resolve the input. So it’s 480p or nothing. Unfortunate. The Xbox interface is more efficient and attractive than TiVo, but the hardware is louder and it’s another unit to turn on. We mostly use TiVo, when it works. One movie crapped out half way (repeatedly) but worked/resumed fine on the Roku. It’s definitely an imperfect science at this point. (Plus, Netflix had an outage Saturday night during prime viewing time.)

TechCrunch Tablet Update: Prototype B
Wow, real nice work! Looks like TC’s assembling a solid team to pull this together. But, for the same money I’d rather buy a netbook. And my iPhone makes a pretty decent couch-based web tablet. The screen is small, but it’s a sunk cost and one less device to charge. Now if you got Ben Heck involved, I might feel different…

Belkin Responds to Fake User Review Charges
Honestly, it doesn’t matter what Belkin does in response. Amazon’s review system is broken. Competitors slam each other, companies pump themselves up, upset customers lash out, beta testers shill, etc. And then there’s Spore. They need to limit reviews to paying customers.

How To Fix CES in 2010
Great list. Especially killing the Sands and moving the date. And like I mentioned at the show, I’d like to see a Stage Two booth with all your cool clients in one place – another reason we won’t need the Sands. CES is one big all-encompassing tech event. Yet most of the mobile phone announcements are being held back until MWC in Barcelona next month and most camera announcements are being held back until their show in March. Which means, there’s not too much new to cover from most of those companies. Maybe we kill CES and just focus on the tech niche events. I’m tired of Vegas too – was bummed CTIA permanently (?) moved their spring show there. I really enjoyed the Orlando edition a couple years ago.

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  1. Very off topic regarding the last item on the list “How To Fix CES in 2010”

    …do you say “two thousand and ten” or “twenty-ten” when you speak that date out loud?

    For example, if you were make a reference to the year World War I started, would you say the date out loud as “one thousand, nine hundred and fourteen” or nineteen-fourteen”?

    I say “twenty-ten”. All the talking heads on the news say “two thousand and ten”.

    This Jerry Seinfeld foibles moment brought to you by my OCD

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