Touching Windows Media Center 7

EngadgetHD had the best Windows 7 Media Center scoop from CES. They shot a great video of the Media Center 7 used with a touchscreen UI. While I’m not sure I would want my family reaching out and touching my LCD or plasma TV to change the channel,  there’s no denying the fact that this has the cool factor.  And the interface isn’t too shabby even without the touchscreen control.

SageMC offers a touchscreen interface that I have yet to try. I’d probably use touchscreen on a kitchen or secondary display, but not on my livingroom, bedroom or theater display. What do you think: Is an HTPC touchscreen worthwhile?

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5 thoughts on “Touching Windows Media Center 7”

  1. Touch is definitely a growing trend… from the little Asus Eee Top to these large HP living room computers. Not to mention, all the handhelds, tablets, and touchpads now using or experimenting with multitouch. I’m with Brent, though, and see most use for this from a small form factor in the kitchen. I’m not walking up to the television and then smudging it to change channels.

  2. Imagine your kids getting in the habit of changing channels etc. by putting their hands on the TV. Not a good thing in my opinion.

    But as some have commented at GeekTonic, it’s nice to have as a feature and can be useful for young children that have trouble using a mouse, particularly disabled children. I think you’d want this to only happen on certain monitors though ;)

  3. With respect to children, and particularly disabled children (yes, I’m personally knowledgeable) and the touch screen …. no way. If the screen is hanging on a wall, you don’t want them touching it. If the screen is sitting on a piece of furniture, they would have to reach over the table top, which makes it that much more difficult, and more prone to knock over things and into things. We’ve already had problems, when the remote didn’t work, that they try to push buttons on the TV.

    I wouldn’t mind seeing a Wii-type remote controller, with a touchless touch screen (for lack of a better phrase), controlling DVR and/or TV functions.

  4. I can imagine a wireless remote (maybe 5×5 or so) that would just basically be a monitor extension displaying the same stuff that is on the screen only smaller.

  5. I’m excited to try Windows 7 and Media Center on our X60 tablet. We have Vista Business on there now but have rarely used the touchscreen or pen input. Maybe the multimedia features of Media Center will make it more useful?

    Touch screen tablets could be really cool remote controls for TV-connected Media Centers…maybe? Or just a gimmick?

    Or as you said, a kitchen PC sorta like HP is doing with the TouchSmart desktop PCs.

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