Roku Player Getting Amazon VOD

I can’t say this is the news I was hoping for… but, as promised, Roku will be enabling another content provider on their Netflix box. And I hope this is just the first of several. Because Amazon Video on Demand in standard definition isn’t very compelling. Freebie content, such as YouTube or Hulu (with commercials), would be tolerable in SD. But I’m not paying to rent low def content in 2009. (That goes for you too, TiVo.) Also, it appears this artist formerly known as the “Roku Netflix Player” has been rebranded as the “Roku Digital Video Player.” If you’re more enthusiastic than I, look for Amazon VOD to arrive early this year. (via Engadget)

5 thoughts on “Roku Player Getting Amazon VOD”

  1. “…But I’m not paying to rent low def content in 2009.”

    Oh the hateful things we say!

    Comcast, DirecTV, TimeWarner, Fios, etc. are not 100.00% pure 720p on every channel, but we’re all paying $100.00+ a month for those aren’t we?

  2. I know… really… c’mon Amazon! We’ve been hearing about HD content for well over a year now… WTF?

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