Video of the Blockbuster STB

While I’m not (currently) fond of the new 2Wire MediaPoint Blockbuster experience due to a variety issues, I did intend to shoot a brief video before banishing it to the closet. However, has launched and spared me the trouble – as you can see above. My unit is now resting peacefully, awaiting a firmware update.

5 thoughts on “Video of the Blockbuster STB”

  1. FYI is brought to you by the brains behind

    And I’m interested to see if he starts to experience some of the issues I’ve had with device slowdown, A/V sync, and network connectivity. Based on some comments I’ve received, I’m not alone…

  2. Never had a WPA2 issue, just lots of dropped connections and an inability to connect over wired.

    I pulled the box out of the closet over the weekend to see if it’s improved. It downloaded the .45 update. My wireless connectivity appears more stable, but I’m still seeing occasional random pauses while navigating the UI and experienced a reboot after it popped up a screen to call tech support during business hours. So it’s a bit better, but I’m putting it back into the closet for now. Perhaps the next update will improve the performance/stability even more. And maybe we’ll get some larger movie previews.

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