DivX Connected Brings Joost to TV

It’s been well over a year since DivX and Joost discussed the possibility of bringing Joost content to the television. And suddenly, with no fanfare at all, a DivX Connected plug-in has appeared.

After Davis tipped me off early this morning, I set up my loaner D-Link DSM-330 to check it out. The initial build only displayed the “Popular Videos Feed” – consisting of just a couple full length features and several clips of scantily clad women. However, within the last few hours the app has been updated to link your personalized Joost favorites… should you be be looking for a more diverse selection of content.

It’s not clear if this service is DivX or Joost sanctioned, and Davis’ inquiries to Joost PR have gone unanswered. Regardless, I assume they developers have taken advantage of Joost’s new Flash platform and DivX’s relatively new Flash scraping mechanism to enable playback via PC proxy.

6 thoughts on “DivX Connected Brings Joost to TV”

  1. Joost had nothing to do with this DivX created it all themselves but the people at Joost I emailedtwittered about it they think its pretty cool of course.

    Im still waiting for the Wii version of Joost after 2 years but they are getting closer to moving into the Living room and out of the Office .

  2. I’m still waiting for the Hulu plugin to function properly (no skipping/freezing). Otherwise I am still delighted with the DivX Connected platform.

  3. Charles, I don’t know if this will help or not but I’ve had better luck with the DivX Connected platform when the software is installed on a decent machine and when both PC and STB are hardwired.

  4. Thanks Dave. The STB is wired, the PC is wireless (maybe I’ll hardwaire and see if the performance improves). As far as being a decent PC it’s only six years old (so that might be an issue also), p4 2.53 GHz.

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