Digital Media Bytes

Dave Zatz —  December 12, 2008

A periodic roundup of relevant news… from our other blogs:

SageTV HD200 Media Player Unboxed
SageTV has introduced the HD200 HD Media Player, the successor to the HD100. Check out a few short unboxing videos and photos.

Motorola Takes Fox All HD

Fox is going all high-def in the first quarter of next year,  and it’s using Motorola to make the transition.

The CES 2009 Poll
CES 2009 is right around the corner, and the conversations have already begun about what’s likely to be hot at this year’s annual gadget fest.

Snapstream Mini – Enterprise TV Search for the Masses
Snapstream, the makers of BeyondTV have a new enterprise DVR that offers the same powerful TV search capabilities as their main Enterprise product at a lower price.

Bad Times for Broadband?
We may be in for tight times ahead, but there are good indicators for the broadband market that shouldn’t be ignored.

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  1. Much thanks to Comcast open lobby Christmas pixel show. It was fantastic….