Get Out The Vote: Gadget of the Year

While the presidential electorate has just started to dabble in Internet voting, gadget lovers have been empowered at

You’ve seen TIME’s picks for the top 10 gadgets of 2008. Now we’d like to know your choice for the best gadget of the year.

There’s several innovative gadget contenders to choose from. And, when identifying the best, I gravitate towards technology that redefines (or introduces) a product category and fundamentally changes the way we get things done. A smaller video camera, an upgraded laptop, a digicam revision, etc just don’t make the grade. Last week I would have voted connected GPS Dash Express top dog but, due to the discontinuation of branded hardware, I’m also endorsing Eye-Fi. The Eye-Fi SD card, now one year old, wirelessly transmits photos from a digital camera to a computer and/or to a variety of online destinations. Recent additions to the Eye-Fi family include geotagging and Wayport hotspot access. Interestingly, email handheld Peek has built quite a comfortable lead over the rest of the pack. And it may not be too early to call this race. However we saw a similar, yet more feature-rich (IM, SMS), device come and go… back in 2004.

So get your vote(s) in and defend your position in the comments. (via MobileDevicesToday)

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  1. For those unaware, Dash was a former employer. So take that with a few grains of salt. Of course if I hadn’t believed they were a game-changer, I wouldn’t have signed up. I also happen to be an Eye-Fi owner, and have fondled just about everything on the list. Towards the end of the year, I’ll put together a summary of the top trends and other notable gadgets… that Time has overlooked.

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