Blackberry Flycast Internet Radio Arrives


As promised a few weeks ago, Flycast Internet radio streaming has now arrived for the Blackberry platform. Preview software has been successfully tested on the Curve and Bold. In fact, even the Storm’s been validated for the few of you with unreleased hardware. The Flycast interface is similar to the one found on their iPhone client, with some slight variations – presumably to accommodate the trackball method of interaction. However, the functionality remains the same: delivering tons of music, talk, and weather. For free. Those looking for a specific regional radio stations or something like CSPAN may prefer Flycast over the forthcoming Slacker application (or Pandora on the iPhone).

flycast-blackberry1 flycast-blackberry3

6 thoughts on “Blackberry Flycast Internet Radio Arrives”

  1. I used this a bit yesterday. Some streaming problems at work (bad signal though) but worked pretty well other than that. Nice addition to the blackberry folks.

  2. It’s OK. Free radio is nice, but I’m really looking forward to the Slacker app – it’ll actually download tunes, so you can listen on a plane, subway, etc without a live network connection. I would assume Pandora’s working on a Blackberry app as well…

  3. How does it compare to just setting your Sling box to “audio only” ( can you still do that? ) and listening to the music source at your house.

    If I had a Sling box could I connect it to my 1T drive of music and listen to it on my phone?

  4. Todd, Sling does have an audio-only mode. Two caveats for your usage scenario though… The Blackberry client hasn’t been released yet, and it’s designed to stream from a set-top box not a drive. I’m sure you could hack something together, but you’d only be able to listen – not control. Perhaps Orb handles that better.

  5. it is great seeing stations on this app… i have the iphone app for my personal and plan to dl it for my workphone which is the blackberry.

    loking forward to this!

  6. Hi guys, Please please please help me. I am from Colombia and I am trying to listen to the radio stations there, and I know that there is a program that you can use with your blackberry 8330, do you guys Know what program is this?

    Thanks a lot

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