Animoto Brings the Text

Dale turned me on to Animoto a few months ago, which I tried out after a short summer cruise. The web service did a fairly decent job of turning our photos into a slick video slideshow, accompanied by a cheesy classic soundtrack. 30 second video compilations are free, while “full length” productions run $3 each or $30 a year. My main complaint at the time was the inability to add titles – basically, there was no way to provide any context within the video. Until now.

Text is here! It’s true: you can now insert text into your Animoto videos. And we’re not talking about boring caption-like text–we’re talking about text the way it’s done in tv & film. Tell a story in your video. Recapture a night’s memories by titling each section of pictures. Send holiday greeting cards to your loved ones. Make party invitations through a video.

Not only is the captioning funcitonality (sample above) good news, all existing Animoto video productions can be quickly remixed with text. While most of my photographs these day are tech related, I’m looking forward to compiling any upcoming Ireland getaway pics.

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