Heads into Beta

As a few sites reported yesterday, has gone into beta (and is taking applicants). Sling Media’s online video play was first announced at CES 2007 as a destination where Slingbox owners could share video clips with the world. As you can see above, the scope of the portal has greatly evolved from the original concept to include full-length television content through various partnerships. And to provide a web-based SlingPlayer – hot! I can confirm paidContent’s report: Clipping functionality won’t be immediately available though much of this programming will ultimately also be viewable on a television via the forthcoming SlingCatcher.

7 thoughts on “ Heads into Beta”

  1. Dave, does this mean that might become an aggregator of sorts for TV shows and, more importantly, that SlingCatcher would be able to interface with the site directly, i.e. I’d not have to go to my PC, pull up, select video, select region to broadvast to SlingCatcher, and then go back?

  2. Woah – wait a sec! Does this mean I might be able to view my Slingbox content over the web using my non-iPhone, non-ppc Samsung Instinct???!

  3. Alexi, I haven’t been cleared to provide a lot of detail. Though, feel free to sign up for the beta. Regardless, given the way it’s being presented I expect we’ll see additional leaks.

  4. I’m in Beta,The selection on this thing is amazing. classics like Alf and Dilbert full episodes. and a lot fo new shows full epsiodes + news. If this thing had ESPN I could cancel my cable!

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