Pandora lands on Chumby

Regular readers probably know I’m a Pandora fan and iPhone owner. In fact, I’ve mentioned looking for a clock radio and/or speaker dock to enjoy both in the bedroom. And I often joke that I don’t need an Internet-enabled Chumby widget station ($180) precisely because I have an iPhone with cradle. However, I may be changing my tune now that Internet radio is available directly on the little guy.

Chumby is now giving music fans a new way to stay constantly connected to the music of their favorite artists, while also introducing them to new music they’ll love. All chumby players can now tune into personalized radio stations from Pandora accounts and have Pandora set as the audio source for custom alarm clocks. Additionally, chumby users will now be able to search and view music videos and more from a music video widget powered by tipMotion from Avot Media, Inc., and receive up-to-the-minute music news and images from, all without logging onto a computer.

Of course Chumby won’t produce the same audio quality as dedicated music speakers, though I have it on good word it’ll fill a small room and outperform my laptop speakers.

4 thoughts on “Pandora lands on Chumby”

  1. I’m THIS close to getting one. if only Buy-It-Now prices on eBay weren’t so high, I’d pick one up with Live Cashback.

  2. I have a little Chumby sitting beside my bed and I love it. The Pandora works great too! The sound it produces is perfect for a small to medium size bedroom.

  3. I like the concept of Chumby, but can’t justify the expense when I’d much rather have one of those new-fangled Blackberry Storm phones.

  4. Yeah, I’m a little torn between buying speakers and buying a Chumby. It does some cool things with news feeds, weather, alarm clocks and such but at $180 I’m somewhat reluctant since I’m not sure I’ll appreciate that stuff.

    Brent, the Storm looks interesting but until I feel that clickable screen, I’m reserving judgment. Still love the Bold… and Slacker is coming for all the current models I believe.

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