Netflix Now Streams STARZ

After bemoaning the lack of quality Netflix Watch Now content, Netflix is now providing an additional 1,000 titles to their existing lineup via an agreement with Starz Play – with another 1,500 titles by year-end. The Netflix Blog highlights popular movies such as “No Country for Old Men”, “Ratatouille,” “Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End,” “Superbad,” and “Spider-Man 3.” While many of these are not obviously brand-new releases, they definitely raise the bar on quality and freshness. There were certainly some good titles in their collection before, but not much in the way of newer movies. So this move goes a long way in terms of making the service more attractive. Netflix seems to get it and I suspect they’ll continue improving their Watch Now collection, while maintaining the service as a subscription-based model instead of a pay-per-title model.

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8 thoughts on “Netflix Now Streams STARZ”

  1. I keep holding off on the netflix streamer – I already have a ps3, wii, and tivo hooked up to my tv. Why can’t I use of those to stream netflix?

  2. You can stream with these devices so far:
    a Windows PC with IE (soon will be Mac by years end)
    Vista Media Center
    XP Media Center

    Those are the ones I could think of. I would imagine PS3 would be on the list of possibilities, but I wonder if Microsoft got an exclusive deal for gaming machines with their Xbox360 deal…

  3. It was presented as by the end of the year, and Davis Freeberg has suspected it would coincide with the public release of Microsoft’s Silverlight 2 which is expected in the next month or so. I have a note into a former Silverlight guy to check in with some of his peeps. Though I might not get anything if legit and related… they’d save it for a big announcement at the appropriate time.

  4. I already loved my Roku box and this makes that much better. I added a bunch of movies this evening to my queue. Once they add the Netflix functionality to the Xbox, I’ll be able to watch in more rooms.

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