Microsoft Vista Media Center October Updates

Brent Evans —  October 15, 2008

Microsoft has released the October 2008 Cumulative Update for Vista Media Center and for VMC TV Pack. No big surprises or new features to speak of but, for those having issues, this update should be quite welcome. It includes fixes for Media Center, extenders, DRM support and the all-too-common “protected content” message that has plagued many VMC users the past few months. Patches for the TV Pack cover several of the same issues as well as a few specific problems that have cropped up. Get all of the details from Chris Lanier.

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2 responses to Microsoft Vista Media Center October Updates

  1. I’d like them to release an update so that I can attach a firewire cable to a Motorola DVR and have Vista media center control the DVR and use it’s own graphic overlays (which are lightyears ahead of the Moto’s). I don’t see why it would be impossible. Take the current meistb.sys drivers, tweak and certify them, and use Media Center to display the video and send channel change commands to the box.

  2. I’d be happy just to get it to work on my 64 Vista machine with two graphics cards and 4 monitors. The thing worked OK for the first while but has been janky and unusable from the 2nd month after I installed Vista on my beast.