iPhone i.TV Entertainment App Released

i.TV, a free iPhone app, launched today:

“i.TV makes it easy to discover television and movie programming options, share entertainment information with friends, and access media anywhere you can take an iPhone or iPod touch,” said Brad Pelo, i.TV’s founder and chief executive officer.

That’s all well and good, but what would be most useful is some sort of DVR integration. For example, IceTV (Australia) has produced an iPhone app which not only displays a guide but also schedules recordings. But until someone delivers that functionality here in the US, I’ll enjoy i.TV for the free trailers.

7 thoughts on “iPhone i.TV Entertainment App Released”

  1. This seems like a nice application, and they say it will have that obvious “record on your DVR” feature in the future. Looking forward to that.

    But what’s the deal with requiring the user to receive an e-mail and visit an account verification link after registering right within the app itself? Royal pain in the ass on the iPhone.

  2. You wouldn’t be able to integrate it with TiVo even if you wanted since TiVo’s web interface isn’t set up for that right? On a separate note, is there a site/program that tracks selected shows & presents a daily grid with all shows that day?

  3. Ivan, there was a third party website that didn’t have a relationship with TiVo (unlike Yahoo) that enabled scheduling… BUT you had to give up your tivo.com login credentials. I passed. But who knows what deals i.TV is working (or what apps TiVo, Verizon, DirecTV, etc are building).

  4. Thanks for the mention. We’re very proud of our iPhone app, but are still working hard to make it even better. Who knows, maybe one day IceTV will be available in the US!


  5. To answer my own question (“…is there a site/program that tracks selected shows & presents a daily grid with all shows that day?), that can be done with TVRage.com (add shows via MyTVRage->My TV Shows and then see schedule via MyTVRage->My Schedule).

  6. I have tried to set up my account but i still have not received an email for account verification. I tried sending an email to verify@i.tv but nothing…. not sure why we have to do account verifiction either but especially confused when verification doesn’t work.

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