DirecTV Streams DVR Content To PC (LAN)

Dave Zatz —  October 17, 2008

DirecTV subscribers will soon be able to stream recorded shows to PCs within the home. While the DirecTV2PC documentation is light and the beta download is broken, it’s probably safe to assume this requires a HR20, HR21 or HR22 DVR receiver and applies to Windows only… As DirecTV2PC is powered by PC video company Cyberlink. And this isn’t their first foray into placeshifting – they’ve offered Cyberlink Live, an Orb-esque service, for some time now. This solution’s obviously not nearly as powerful as the upcoming DirecTV Vista Media Center integration (whenever it finally arrives…), but it’s a nice perk if DirecTV keeps the “free” beta pricing in effect once DirecTV2PC officially launches. Interestingly, since about April, I’ve been hearing whispers that DISH Network would provide something like this – so either folks got their wires crossed, or both satellite television providers have embraced the PC as a TV. (via GizmoLovers)

11 responses to DirecTV Streams DVR Content To PC (LAN)

  1. This has been the main feature that has kept me with Tivo over Verizon’s DVR for the past few years. The Tivo does have a better interface & I was able to put a 1TB drive into it, but the one thing that I couldn’t match was being able to offload movies and TV shows to my home PC and Ipod.
    If others start offering this feature I think it will deeply eat into Tivo’s market.

  2. Lokisince89, I hear what you’re saying but I do want to clarify this is billed as DVR->PC streaming. Not offloading. Perhaps it does that too, or it will come. But the way it’s described, you won’t be bringing this content on a laptop with you or loading up an iPod.

  3. As a subscriber all I can say is: Where the heck is multi-room viewing? Come on DirecTV get with the program.

  4. I am not sure I understand the appeal of this, especially since you can’t place-shift (has to be on same local network).

  5. Ivan, if it were live it might be more appealing. I often work from my balcony and have a small Slingbox or EyeTV window up on the laptop to watch my 401k plummet.

  6. Its also nice for people who have a laptop and no tv in some rooms…They can then take the laptop anywhere, Garage while building something, Exercise room, even out to the pool or something, and watch live tv. But having said that, obviously it would be 50x better if you could download the shows to your pc instead of streaming them…

  7. Well, its easy to bitch, but hey its a start. Dave, do you know for a fact that they won’t support streaming live? Cuz that would be the most obvious application…

    Even if they don’t intend for you to capture and convert it for an iPod, once its on the PC…

    Like you say, its not the equivalent of the Tivo features, which allow me to backup and restore shows on the PC, convert shows for my iPod automatically, etc. And even edit them since there are programs that handle the .Tivo format…

    But hey, its a start. If the cable companies feel some pressure from this to start offering PC/iPod integration, all the better.

  8. Glenn, I don’t know for a fact that it’s recorded shows only. Technically, it’s much easier to stream recorded content and that is all the web site currently says. MZ says it’s live or recorded, but I’m not sure where he learned that.

  9. Why would you want to stream live when you can get a SAT-GO instead? :-)

  10. Looks like everything is live on this now. Just downloaded and tried it out. It’s only recorded shows or shows that are currently being recorded. It’s not bad though.

  11. Here is the updated URL for the software download: