Boxee Releases Hulu Streaming and More

Brent Evans —  October 22, 2008

While some appear content to sit on the sidelines, Boxee beats the big-time HTPC software companies to the punch by integrating Hulu, CBS, Comedy Central, and MySpaceTV streaming players into their software. This alone should give Vista Media Center, SageTV and BeyondTV pause as web-based video/television/movie content has clearly become important to the end user. The new, alpha version of Boxee includes:

  • Streaming TV shows, movies and clips from Hulu, CBS, Comedy Central and MySpaceTV
  • Major changes to the UI
  • Web interface to adding RSS feeds
  • Improved performance

Current Alpha versions support Linux, Mac OS X, and AppleTV with a Windows version scheduled for release later this fall. Those who already have an alpha account, click here to download the updated software. Those in need of an invite, simply leave a comment requesting one – we’ve got you covered.

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34 responses to Boxee Releases Hulu Streaming and More

  1. Boxee sounds awesome and I’d love an invite. Thanks!

  2. I’m sorry this is my first comment, but I’m a long-time ZNF reader. I would love a Boxee invite! I remember making a comment in some forum two years ago, after the AppleTV was announced, and when networks started putting their content online, wondering how long it would be before someone started to integrate web video into software or a device like the AppleTV. Here it is:
    I guess we know the answer now!

  3. Invite please.

    Hulu’s got so much great content now, I’ve been looking for an easy way to show it on a TV for a while. I’d love the opportunity to try out Boxee.


  4. I’ll take an invite.. please… thanks!

  5. I would like an invite please for my ATV.


  6. Long-time reader, 1st time commenter… I would love an invite! Thanks!!

  7. i signed up yesterday, but got denied. i could use an invite!

    i scored a small form factor dell from work i may use just for this.

  8. invite please!! thanks.

  9. Everyone through Jon should have an invite. Keep the requests coming, but it may be a bit before I get the rest fulfilled. The invite language attributes certain statements to me, that I was unaware of and therefore obviously didn’t write. I’m working on an alternate distribution method with Boxee now.

  10. Cool — thanks for passing an invite along.

  11. I’d like an invite too!

    I’m excited to see that you can stream shows from some of the major networks. I’d love it if more networks would make their shows available on the internet so we could legally watch them and be able to dump the cable company.

  12. I’d like an invite-this sounds great and I’ve got an Apple TV I’d love to park it on.

  13. This is what I wanted to see in SlingCatcher — direct access to Hulu and network sites.

  14. I would really appreciate an invite. Thanks.

  15. I would love an invite. Thanks Brent!

  16. Could you send me an invite please? Thanks:)

  17. INVITE, please? Thanks :)

  18. May I have a Boxee invite, please? Thank you!

  19. That was quick. Thank you Avner!

  20. Hi — do you still have invites? If so, thank you.

  21. If you could spare an invite I would really appreciate it.

    Thanks in advance-

  22. PLEASE get me signed to stream Hulu!

  23. Invite please! Thanks!

  24. I’d love an invite please… gonna try it on my iMac and if I like it, may end up buying an Apple TV :)

  25. I would appreciate an invite if you can swing it. I just got an Apple TV today, and haven’t yet received my Boxee invite from the site itself. I don’t know how long the queue is to recieve the invite from the site itself and would love it if you could bump me up in line :)

  26. I would be much obliged for a boxee invite.

    bgcecil –at– yahoo

  27. If you have any invites left, can I please get one? Thanks.

  28. any invites left? i never got one :(

  29. I would also like an invite. thanks

  30. I would LOVE an invite!!! thx!!

  31. Need a Boxee invite please.

  32. An invitation please.

    I am getting an Apple TV only because of all of the great things I am hearing and reading about boxee.

  33. can i get a boxee invite pls

  34. William Meadows July 13, 2009 at 9:41 pm

    could i get an invite please?