Cross Platform XBMC Media Center Beta Released

The open source XBMC project has released their ‘Atlantis” media center beta. The biggest news is cross-platform support: Linux, Mac OS X, Windows, and of course the original Xbox – which started it all. A few of the new features included in this beta release:

  • Cross platform support for Linux, Mac OS X (Leopard & Tiger), Windows and Xbox
  • New default skin “PM3.HD”, a high-definition tribute to Project Mayhem III for non-Xbox users.
  • XBMC Live – a bootable CD which gives you the opportunity to try XBMC on your computer, without modifying the hard drive. In addition, XBMC Live allows installation of XBMC, complete with an operating system, onto a USB flash memory stick for a permanent, fast booting, dedicated set-top-box style installation of XBMC. XBMC Live is designed to support Microsoft’s MCE Remote and USB receiver out-of-the-box.
  • XBMC for Mac release now has initial support for integrating iTunes and iPhoto media into XBMC

Note that this is a non-TV tuner front-end for the moment, so XBMC’s focus thus far is video, music, etc playback. XBMC offers some of the more impressive skins that I’ve seen – browse their nice collection here. XBMC is scheduled to be released from beta in October.

[Note from Dave: Interestingly, the new XBMC is the basis for Boxee – a competing package that overlays media exploration social/community features.]

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6 thoughts on “Cross Platform XBMC Media Center Beta Released”

  1. I had forgotten about the fact that boxee was a port from xbmc. Makes you wonder why they would have done that as opposed to working together on a joint project.

  2. Supposedly they’re sharing code back and have sponsored some XBMC stuff. But they’re independent because they’re trying to build a business, whereas XBMC is totally community driven and built.

  3. While XBMC doesn’t handle the recording side directly it does work as a MythTV frontend. It can play your recordings, show live TV, etc.

  4. Interesting… I didn’t realize that XBMC could be used as a MythTV frontend. It would be cool if it could also be used as a Tivo frontend.

  5. Boo… all the cool stuff comes out while we are power-less in Houston :( Anyhow, there’s another really awesome skin for XBMC but I can’t recall its name (starts with A, I think)

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