80GB PS3 with DualShock now Available

While Amazon and SonyStyle don’t yet have inventory, the new 80GB Playstation 3 SKU slated for a September release started shipping to various other retail outlets as early as August 20th. In fact, my local GameStop received inventory last week. And today I swapped my (former) Xbox 360 for the new PS3. Sony’s more compact and less noisy design appeals. But Blu-ray winning the HD optical disc war coupled with inclusion of the new DualShock controller are what finally moved me.

15 thoughts on “80GB PS3 with DualShock now Available”

  1. Why get rid of the 360?

    I have both and the PS3 is pretty noisy too especially when I was watching Mad Men last night.

  2. I’ve spent much of this long holiday weekend “de-cluttering” – if it had been any other weekend, I’d probably have kept both. But as a casual gamer, I don’t know that I need multiple systems full time. (And I also have the Roku Netflix box – offsetting that Xbox feature coming this fall.) Supposedly this PS3 uses a smaller and more energy efficient chip – ultimately resulting in less heat and noise. We shall see…

  3. I bought one. This being my second PS3 it was just for Playing blu-ray movies upstairs. The the dual shock though is a nice addition. Although the Xbox 360’s one is much, much better – in my opinion.

  4. Have they re-introduced the PS2 emulation hardware in this SKU, or is it still the crappy software-based solution that they moved to?

  5. Correct, no PS2 emulation. (No card reader either.) The Game Stop guy made sure I knew that. Today’s goal: I gotta figure out if any of my Bluetooth headsets have a mute button for online play. Sony really should bundle a headset for uniform online gaming. Looks like SOCOM bundle will include a BT one next month.

  6. You know, I didn’t like PS1 controller when I used it a few times ages ago and I like 360 controller (aside from lame D-pad), but I didn’t find DualShock3 to be a burden and I especially like the fact that it has more weight than original SixAxis.

    P.S. MGS4 bundle w/ 80GB console was the last console to have backwards compatibility. Dave’s 80GB version and upcoming 160GB version will not be backwards-compatible. All the folks who scored MGS4 bundles on eBay with Microsoft poneying up the money through Live.com Cashback got a heck of a deal :)

  7. BTW, I *did* try to get in on Microsoft’s Live Search discounts but couldn’t make it work – it never carried through the ebay. And the % cash back had dropped anyhow. Besides, GameStop gave me an easy way to unload my Xbox. Feeling a bit remorseful – I may end up repurchasing at some point. We’ll see how the online gaming works out. Related, I preordered SOCOM bundle today – game and Bluetooth headset (with mute button) for $60. Though I only left them with $5 which gets me beta access later this week.

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