ZvBox Unboxing

While I spent some time with a pre-release ZvBox in NYC not so long ago, the folks at ZeeVee have provided me an eval unit for a more comprehensive look. In following the coverage, it seems that “localcasting” is the best descriptor: ZvBox ($500) streams PC- or web-based content from a computer over coax to any QAM-tuning HDTVs in the home. Testing will be somewhat interesting… I recently unloaded my Vista Media Center, so I’ll be borrowing Melissa’s (underpowered) Windows laptop (when available) as a source.

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  1. I have no use for the zvbox device but I’m particularly interested in the remote. It looks like a great HTPC controller. Any plans to sell and support it separately? If they included universal IR learning and USB programming I could easily see dropping $200 on the remote alone.

  2. Rodalpho, The remote (and PC software) may be available separately at some point – that was sort of alluded to.

    While I’m commenting… Folks who purchase the ZvBox should not disassemble the unit as I’ve done. It potentially reduces the effectiveness of the heat dissipating mechanisms, which could lead to probs. I’m doing it so you don’t have to. (:

  3. Man, I wish that thing had component and digital audio jacks…or someone made a similar unit with those features.

    I guess one could use the Hauppauge HD-PVR to get the HD audio and video into the PC from a STB, then this to route it around the house. Not a cheap solution though.

  4. Good stuff Dave, look forward to reading your review on the product. I hear it takes a good two hours to get everything set up.

  5. The paperwork says 1 hour. Hopefully, I’m more efficient than that! I do have a coax/RF filter of some sort I need to apply where the cable comes into our place – that’ll take a few minutes since it’s hidden behind a plate in the bedroom closet. Though, I may cheat and try without at first.

  6. Ryan–hadn’t thought of that, seems like an obvious extension product, i.e. extend one device (Apple TV, cable company STB for VOD, XBox 360 for Video service, Blue Ray player, etc) to every TV in your home… Relatively obvious that they’d have to support HD for that though.

    Dave–following with interest. Please keep us informed.

  7. Yes, please post a review as soon as you can. The set up can be pretty tedious and time consuming but I look forward to hearing what you have to say regarding the final product.

  8. Dave – get a chance to play around with the ZvBox yet? Be curious your thoughts, even if just a general sense until you get a chance to do a formal review.

  9. Damian, I’m on a work trip this week living out of the Hilton. I’m going to get it all up and running Labor Day weekend. Right now the gear is sitting on my kitchen counter. Though, I did discover the RF channel filter metal pin does a nice job popping the iPhone SIM.

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