Netflix on Xbox 360 Confirmed for Fall

Both Engadget and Gizmodo are live-blogging Microsoft’s opening E3 keynote… In addition to a massive Xbox 360 Dashboard UI overhaul (which I alluded to in May), Netflix-on-Xbox video streaming has been confirmed for fall. Sweet! Here’s to hoping Netflix can load up on current Hollywood hits prior to launch. Guess my Netflix Roku box is headed to ebay once we’ve completed the Battle Royale.

9 thoughts on “Netflix on Xbox 360 Confirmed for Fall”

  1. Finally……this will turn the 360 into a full entertainment machine, we may not all play games on it 24/7 but everything else it can offer…….gotta love the 360 now :)

  2. Yeah, this is great – it’ll move Xboxes and Netflix subs or keep people put. A much better move than that HD DVD accessory. ;) We need more Netflix content and higher res. Please make it so!

  3. At least there are is some decent content on Netflix now, I have been watching The Office, 30 Rock and catching up on one of my childhood favorites Emergency. Now if there was just a way to Sling my remote Slingbox onto 360 I’d be in heaven! I think this is a big coup for 360 to lock out both Nintendo and Sony, but also huge for Netflix becuase I would think more people will purchase a membership even if it’s the most basic one. I know people are all over the Final Fantasy annoucnement (other boards) but personally I think Netflix is a much bigger deal to the mass audience. Add in the families that have a 360 now but only the “kids” play it……now the parents have a reason to enjoy the 360 too.

  4. Do we know if Microsoft has an exclusive? While I don’t doubt we’ll also see this on VMC, I wonder if any of the other consoles could end up with service too… The decent Netflix content is mostly television – not many new release mainstream movies.

  5. According to the press releases I saw they are exclusive, now maybe it’s just for a given amount of time but the Microsoft website said they were exclusive with it and it’d be open to all members of Xbox Live Gold. You’d just need a Netflix account…”Xbox 360 will be the only game system that lets you instantly watch movies and TV episodes streamed from Netflix. This movie-watching innovation will be available to Xbox LIVEĀ® Gold members who are also Netflix subscribers” (taken from the press release)

  6. I love my Xbox 360 Elite, but its just TOO, FRACKING, LOUD for me to take it seriously as a machine for watching media on. Shame the availability of a hushkit or a new, “reasonably” quiet Xbox wasn’t part of Microsoft’s E3 announcements.

  7. This is HORSE$#!+ If I wanted a kiddie interface and kiddie avatars I would have bought a Wii! If this is what’s forced on us in the fall then I’m trading in both my 360’s for a PS3! Micro$ucks is totally alienating the hardcore gamer! And don’t give me that crap about the blade interface still being accessible with the guide button. It’s not the same blade interface. This is the interface you’ll see when you first boot up your Xbox 360 and it makes me feel like puking! THANKS FOR RUINING MY GAMING MICRO$UCKS! IDIOTS!

  8. Yeah, the interface is a little too cutesy for my liking and I have zero interest in a cartoony avatar. (And this is why I unloaded my Wii after only a month.) Seems out of sync when talking about Call of Duty or Gears of War – realistic looking adult violence.

  9. Before everyone gets all excited lets remember this is just a small step for man kind.. Sure walking on the moon was cool but what did it really get us?

    This latest announcement is a great first step but with no sourround sound available, no HD like content and very select title availability and lets face it streaming isn’t 100% reliable.

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